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How do I reset my golf clash account?

Best Answer:
  1. To recover a Golf Clash account, touch the ‘Recover existing profile’ button on the Account Settings screen. When prompted, you should select one of three recovery methods:

Golf clash starting a NEW account

This should take you back to the options before starting a new golf match as mentioned above. You can use this method if you forget or become confused with which golf club you selected during gameplay since it will allow you to try again but without losing any progress that has been made during your golf club and golf ball choices.

You will have to repeat the code after every golf round you start (if you select a golf club), since it resets everything back to zero and does not store any data on the server for more than one golf clash account. If so, make sure that the username is correct or else you’ll be stuck with no golf club to join and no golf balls to use in game!

This golf clash account reset is a powerful golf tool that will allow you to build your golf club and golf ball inventory all over again with the amount of resources you desire.

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This reset golf clash feature was added by Supercell to accommodate new golf players who have just created their golf clash account and doesn’t know anything about golf, or to erase the data and start fresh on building a good golfing experience.

You can also use this golf game method if you haven’t reached 500 total trophies yet, since it resets everything back to zero and makes sure that you don’t miss out on any trophy achievements for really bad performance. You can simply create another username in case you forgot how many trophies were needed for unlocking certain features in the game.

You may also reset golf clash if you have reached 500 total trophies, depending on how drastic you want to be with your golfing experience. By resetting golf clash, it will require you to build a golf ball inventory all over again and start from scratch by earning golf balls in game (but at a quicker pace).

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If you’ve tried every golf club and golf ball combination that Supercell has made available for free during gameplay, this golf clash account reset is the only way to go about getting new golf clubs or new golf balls without purchasing them individually.


How do I delete my golf clash account?

Please close Facebook and go to your account settings. Under ‘Apps, Websites, and Plugins’ remove any game you see listed.

Why is my golf clash not working?

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch shuts down when you are using it, there is a chance that the battery has become too low. To remedy this problem:
1. Power the device off and on again.
2. Check to see what version of iOS is installed and if new software is available for download

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Can you sell a golf clash account?

Just a reminder: The sale and purchase of accounts is not permitted on this subreddit, and violates TOS. Please keep the focus here to general discussion, where you can learn more about account trading without any links or encouragement.

How do I get better at golf clash?

If you’re struggling with Golf Clash, here are some tips to help:
Don’t be afraid of power shots–the more powerful they are, the harder they are to control.
Learn wind charts–good weather knowledge is a pro skill that helps your game immensely.

Can you change your golf clash name?

Changing Username
Changing your username is easy. Simply open the Golf Clash app and select your profile photo from the main menu screen, then choose an edit icon next to where you set your name.