How Do I Stop Auto Renewal on Netflix?

After a long and tiring day, people need to watch something entertaining. Netflix is all about hundreds and thousands of different shows and movies that you can have in one place. Are you getting the auto-renewal on Netflix without your concern? Do you think about How Do I Stop Auto Renewal on Netflix? If yes, then you are reading the right article.

We will tell you how to stop Auto-renewal on Netflix in this article. So stay with us till the end, and you will never regret it. 

How Do I Stop Auto Renewal on Netflix?

The Netflix users are automatically charged monthly on the date they joined. On the other hand, Netflix users know that Netflix is changing the tradition of charging customers. However, it is an easy way to auto-renew your Netflix because the user does not need to remember to renew the subscription. 

You can learn to turn off the Auto-renewal system in Netflix in just a few steps. Netflix can disable the auto-renewal of a user’s subscription in selected countries. Your country is among the regions where this option is unavailable. You can contact Netflix’s customer services and support team to negotiate the renewal method. 

However, there are two ways in which you can hold your Netflix account back from getting auto-renewal. You need to cancel your Netflix subscription before the billing date. You can re-subscribe later whenever you want. The other option is to change your billing date by logging into your Netflix account through a browser. Let’s start with the first method:

Method 1: To Stop Auto Renewal on Netflix

Step 1- Open Netflix

Log in to your Netflix account if you are not already logged in. 

Open Netflix to stop auto renewal

Step 2- Click on Your Profile

You can see up to 2 to 5 profiles on your screen. Tap on your profile icon.

How Do I Stop Auto Renewal on Netflix?

Step 3- Select Profile Menu

You can see the profile menu icon on the right corner at the top of your screen. Tap on it to see the menu options in your profile.

Select Profile Menu icon

Step 4- Select Account

In the profile menu, you can see multiple options on your screen. Look for the option of “Account” and tap on it to open. You can go to further options inside the Account. 

Look for the option of "Account" and tap on it to open

Step 5- Select “Cancel Subscription”

In the account menu, you can see different options such as “Change password,” “Change Email,” and “Change phone number.” You must tap the “Cancel Subscription” option beneath the upper three options. 

If you cancel your Netflix subscription one or two days before your payment date, then you will be charged during cancellation. If you cancel your Netflix subscription, your Netflix account will not renew automatically. 

Select "Cancel Subscription"

Method 2: To Stop Auto Renewal on Netflix

Step 1- Browse Netflix

In this method, you are required to browse Netflix from your browser. As mentioned earlier, there is no straightforward way to avoid auto-renewal of your Netflix account, but there are some alternatives you can try. 

Type in your search bar and browse it. In this section, you can change your payment method and see if it changes the renewal date for your Netflix subscription or not. You can also try to pay by yourself one day before the expiration date of your Netflix account. Maybe this can change your auto-renewal method. 

You can try these methods if the option to disable the auto-renewal of your Netflix account is not launched in your country. 

Browse Netflix

Step 2- Go to Netflix Help Center

You can see the option of help center on your screen. Tap on it to explore the payment procedures and your account details on Netflix more deeply. 

Go to Netflix Help Center

Step 3- Select Billings and Payments

You can see the option of “Billings and Payments.” Click on that option to see if the change in billing date or disable the auto-renewal method is available in your region or not. You can see the details mentioned in the “Billings and Payments section.” 

Select Billings and Payments section


Can I change my payment method on Netflix?

Yes, you can change the payment method for your Netflix subscription by logging in to your Netflix account. Select your profile icon and click on it to go to Account. Now you can add or select a new payment method. 

Can I stop my automatic payments for Netflix subscription from my credit card?

You can quickly stop your automatic Netflix subscription payments from your credit card. All you need to do is to give an order to the bank in which you are registered. This order must be placed 3-4 days before your scheduled payment. 

You can select the method for ordering the bank. You can order them either personally through a phone call or in writing. Additionally, if you want to stop these future payments permanently, you can write a stop payment order to the bank.

Why my billing date is one day earlier this month on Netflix?

Your billing date for the Netflix subscription can be one or two days earlier due to the different time zones. Such as, some months are 31 days, and some are 30 days. This difference in days can alter your billing dates.

Summing Up

Are you tired of paying automatically for the renewal of your Netflix account? Are you asking yourself, “How do I Stop Auto Renewal on Netflix?” if yes, then hang in there because you are not alone in this boat. Most Netflix subscribers get disturbed by the auto-renewal method for their subscription. 

The option to disable the auto-renewal system may not be available in your region for now, but it is available in some parts of the world. You can try some alternative options as described in this article. You can try these methods and see if the disability of auto-renewal of your Netflix subscription works for you or not. 

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