How Do I Turn Off Family Link Without Parent Knowing?

How Do I Turn Off Family Link Without Parent Knowing?

Sometimes, the kids want access to mobile apps like the play store to download their favorite games, but the family link cannot give them this access. With the help of the internet, they then try to find out how to turn off family links without their parent knowing. You have come to the right place. 

Parents take control of their kids’ lives by ensuring everything is in order on the internet. When they’re not around, their children can access adult content, learn about inappropriate sexual activities and offend other kids. Parents feel helpless while learning that their kids are accessing adult content from the internet. Therefore they turn on Family Link on all of their devices.

As a parent with a child who frequently reads adult content online, you recognize how disheartening it is to know that all your device settings are turned off so that your child will never glance at an online magazine or an online advertisement for drugs or guns.

In this article, you will learn about the basic steps to gain full access to your mobile phone, so you can play your favorite games without your parents knowing. 

So let’s get into the article to know the easiest steps to get rid of a family link.

What Is Family Link, And How Do I Turn Off Family Link Without Parent Knowing?

Google Family Link compares a set of child devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) to an existing family group at a set of locations. The results can be displayed in various ways: * Child aged control * Parent aged control * Parent(s) aged control for children in the household Google Family Link reports items older than 12 months on their own and not under parental supervision.

The family link allows a child to use this account but restricts access to many Google services. Children can also log in and manage their accounts from the Google app for Android devices.

Children do not want their parents to know (or be aware) what they are doing online, whether they are playing games or watching movies. Keep in mind these issues. we have brought an essential step-by-step guide that can help you.

Steps To Turn Off Family Link Without Parent Knowing

It always seems impossible when you have no access to built-in mobile apps through which you can control the application’s access. But don’t worry! This guide will allow you to access all the mobile features with ease. Just follow these steps below:

  1. Open Setting And Manage Apps
Open Setting And Manage Apps

On your mobile, locate the settings and open it. In the setting, there is an option of search bar on the top of the screen tap on it and write “manage apps” to help you find it. Otherwise, you can locate it yourself without searching if you know where to locate it.

  1. Find Family Link
Find Family Link

Now you have to find the family link app in the apps list. To make it easy, you can search the name by putting it in the search bar. Once it shows the app, tap on it to open the details.

  1. Open The Storage
Open The Storage

In the family link app settings, you will see an option for storage. Tap on the storage and scroll down to the option clear all data.

  1. Delete All Data
Delete All Data

Now tap on the clear all data in the storage section. Confirm it by tapping on ok. Going back one step on the app settings menu, you will notice the app store data reduced to essential app storage because all the personal accounts information that your parents might put into it is wiped out now.

  1. Gain Access To Every Mobile Function
Gain Access To Every Mobile Function

When you open the family link app after clearing the data, you will notice the app is now reset to its default mode, where you can set preferences yourself.


Can You Bypass Parental Controls Of Family Link?

You can bypass Family Link parental controls by changing the account password or email address associated with your child’s Google Family Link account.

How Can You Stop Supervision of Family Link?

You have to follow these steps:

1. Grab your parent’s mobile and open the Family Link app
2. Now choose the person or child whose supervision is no longer needed
3. Select the manage account info and stop supervision
4. They will ask you for confirmation. Confirm it to stop supervision completely

How Do I Unblock An App On The Family Link As A Child?

1. Open the Family Link app on your smartphone
2. Now choose the child name that you want to modify
3. Tap more where the activity card shows
4. In the list of all block apps, select the app you want to unblock
5. Now select the option to turn on that app

How Do I Turn Off Parental Controls Without A Password?

Without a password, it seems impossible to turn off parental controls of the Family Link app. But don’t worry, follow these steps to do this process with ease:

1. Open the settings in your android smartphone
2. Locate the manage applications option
3. Search for the Family link app in the apps list
4. Select the storage option and clear all the data
5. Now, the Family Link app will be turned off on your mobile


Children are tired of having to put up with annoying family links for their parents. And parents are tired of forcing their kids to look at the family links that seemingly have nothing to do with them.

Parents love visiting a child’s website and seeing the personalized features and contents. However, in recent years, parents have been concerned about the security of their children’s websites since malicious websites are always trying to steal children’s personal information.

That is why children are more concerned about how do I turn off Family Link without parents knowing. This step-by-step guide is the perfect solution for you if you need any assistance in removing Family Link access to your smartphone.

If you think this guide helps you get rid of strict rules imposed on your mobile, please let us know in the comments.

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