How Do I Turn Off Free Mode On Facebook Lite?

Turn Off Free Mode On Facebook Lite

Unlike the standard Facebook app, the Free Mode feature is turned on by default on the Facebook lite app. It might be great for people with lower data plans, but not everyone has data.

What is Free Mode Feature On Facebook Lite?

Free Mode restricts your access to certain features. You can’t see who’s online or your own Facebook activity feed, among other things. 

You also can’t comment or share posts on the regular app without upgrading to Messenger Lite (which is no longer available in all regions). That is why some people like you are looking for a solution about “how do I turn off free mode on Facebook lite?

For better understanding, keep reading this article until the end.

What Is Facebook Lite, And How Do I Turn Off Free Mode On Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite is a social media platform designed to consume less data and load faster on low bandwidth connections. The basic purpose of this app was to run on a 2G network, which in previous times was widely used in developing countries. 

Currently, Facebook lite is widely used in areas with limited or slow internet access. Sometimes your internet package might end up desperately wanting to share some post, so this app assists you with its free services.

Not every person wants to use a free mode even while traveling, and they get frustrated with this automatic turning-on feature. 

Don’t worry! They will soon get out of this situation because this step-by-step guide below ios will teach you the quickest method to turn off this free Facebook mode feature.

Steps To Turn Off Free Mode On Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is an easy-to-use app from Facebook incorporation. It allows users to see text on Facebook due to low data availability. 

Sometimes users are stuck at the moment and cannot shift from the free mode to data mode. Here are a few short steps which will allow you to turn off Facebook lite free mode data.

  1. Open Facebook App And Tap Go To Text Only
Open Facebook App and Tap to go to text

Open your Facebook lite app on your smartphone. On the profile timeline, you will see text only one option. Please select the option by tapping on it.

  1. Tap On See Photos To Disable Free Mode
Tap On See Photos To Disable Free Mode

Now the free mode is enabled if you have this mode already on your smartphone Facebook lite app. To turn off this mode, tap on the see photos option on the top right corner of the app screen.

  1. Tap On Use Data To Turn Off Facebook Lite Free Data Mode
Tap On Use Data To Turn Off Facebook Lite Free Data Mode

There you will see multiple options: one is showing to use data, and the other is showing you to buy some data per your area network charges. 

So if you already have a data package or wifi connection o your phone, tap on the user data option. That action will enable the data mode, and you will see the pictures and video on your app.

FAQs on Facebook Lite

How Can You Turn On Data Mode From Free Mode On Facebook Lite?

To turn on data mode from free mode on Facebook, you need to follow these simple steps below:
Open your Facebook app.
On the top right corner, you will see a text-only option
Choose the see photos option by tapping on it
Tap on the user data option
Data mode will be on, and free mode will be turned off

How Can You Turn Off Free Facebook Mode?

You must open the Facebook app to turn off free mode on Facebook. You will see a free mode option on the main feeds page at the app’s top. 
Tap on the see photos option on the free mode’s right side. Then tap on the user data option besides buy data, and your free mode on Facebook will be turned off.

What Is Facebook Free Mode (Explain 2022)?

Free mode on Facebook allows you to make comments and share posts with your friends and followers. The free mode on Facebook doesn’t allow you to see any pictures and videos because the free mode has only access to text, not graphics. You can also comment and chat with anyone on Facebook free mode.

Can You Turn Off Your Facebook Activity?

The Facebook activity lets you connect with apps and games on the web and mobile portals. If you want to close this FGacebook activity, you will no longer be logged into those apps. You need to follow the steps given below to turn off Facebook activity:
Open your Facebook app.
Tap on the top right corner menu option three lines
Find active status and tap on it
Choose the turn-off option for Facebook activity

Can I Watch Videos On Facebook Lite Free Mode?

Facebook free doesn’t allow you to view pictures or watch any videos. You can only make comments and share pictures with your friends on Facebook but can’t see many graphical items.

How Can I Turn On And Off Dark Mode On Facebook?

Facebook recently revealed its new feature of dark mode, which converts the main light theme into the dark and enhances the vision in dark areas or at night. You can turn on and off this mode by following these simple and easy steps below:
1. Open your Facebook app either on android or iOS
2. Tap on the three lines option shown on the top right corner of the app screen
3, Locate the privacy and tap on it
4. Find the dark mode option and select it by tapping on it
5. Choose the on and off Facebook dark mode option as per requirements

Turn Off Free Mode On Facebook Lite: Conclusion

The free mode of Facebook lite severely limits your ability to document an event or show your daily life through photos. 

Luckily, there’s an easy and quick solution to this problem — turn off Free Mode! And how you can turn off free mode on Facebook lite is given above in the step-by-step guide.

You need to follow all the steps and read the FAQs, which will clear all the questions you might be getting in your mind. And if you like this content, don’t forget to share your thoughts about us.

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