How do I unlink Google photos from my gallery?

Suppose you have the problem that all your cell phone photos and videos will sync automatically on your Google Account. This is because the default Google Photo sync is enabled. That can upload your gallery photos automatically even if the user doesn’t know that the photos they are clicking from their device are going to their Google account. Your mind is thinking about, How do I unlink Google photos from my gallery, How to stop them, How to unlink or remove the Google Photos application from the gallery, or how to turn off this sync from your phone or your Google Photos App?

But this is the primary function of Google Photos to create a backup of all your phone’s photos in your Google Account. These ensure that if you lose your Smartphone or replace it with a new one, you won’t lose essential pictures. Your phone’s camera roll can be safely stored on Google Photos. The less you know that your media is automatically backup if our gallery is linked with your Google account.

How do I unlink Google photos from my gallery

This Google feature works for both iOS and all Android devices. While you can use your built-in gallery app and Google Photos application simultaneously, at the same time, you must set one as the default. There are some limitations associated with the free, limitless storage offered by Google Photos.

Here’s how to stop Google Photos from backing up every one of your photos.

Stepwise Procedure on How You Can Disable Your Gallery’s Linkage to Google Photos

  • 1. This is the Google Photo Application that will Sync.

Whenever you capture photos on your mobile, it will automatically sync into your Google Account. To get this off, you only need is to Open this Google Photos App.

Open Google Photos App
  • 2. Go to the Top Right Side. Click the Circle
Go to the Top Right Side. Click the Circle
  • 3. You Need To Click On It. You, Will, Get Some List of Options.
How do I unlink Google photos from my gallery
  • 4. Click On The Photos Settings Option.
Click On The Photos Settings Option
  • 5. You Can See the Very First Option, “Backup & Sync” Tap It To Open It.
You Can See Very First Option Backup & Sync
  • 6. Slide Left to turn Off Backup & Sync.
Slide Left to turn Off Backup & Sync
  • 7. This is why all of your photos were Syncing To Your Google Photos Account.
How do I unlink Google photos from my gallery

Now your pictures will be only on your phone gallery. You have successfully unlinked your Google photos application from your Phone Gallery. Further, If you don’t want to see your photos in the Google Photos App, then the best way is to remove the app from your phone.

  • Tap on it,
  • Hold it
  • You will get the option to remove it.
  • Once you click on the remove button, this Google app will be removed

How to Delete Pictures From Google Photos Without Deleting Them From your Phone?

  • Go to  the Google Photos application 
  •  And go to the section that contains the photo you want to remove.
  • Click on the Delete option Photo
  • Then make sure that pictures are deleted

Is Gallery different from Google Photos?

The gallery is by default installed app on all Android and iOS devices. It’s a default photo viewer that allows you to display your captured photos and videos along with different sharing options.

Google Photos is a photo backup app developed by Google that automatically backs up your photos along with editing and sharing options.

How Can I Reset My Phone From Uploading Photos To Google Photos and Google Account?

  •  On your phone or PC,
  •  open the Google Photos application
  • Go to your Google account.
  •  At the top right, tap the option.
  •  Select Settings from the menu options.
  • Now click on Back up & sync.
  • Now you can reset this option according to your comfort.

Is Google Photos Application  And Built-in Gallery  Application Interlinked?

Somehow the application of Google photos and your phone’s built-in gallery application is linked. The pictures you captured on your cell phone are uploaded , and all the pictures and videos will also appear in the Google Photos Gallery.

What is the reason you should minimize the usage of Google Photos?

First and foremost, due to privacy concerns, people do not feel comfortable with Google having access to their phone pictures. Google Photos has limited pixels for pictures and videos, which is not okay for some users.

What is  Sync of Your Phone Gallery Mean?

Sync of your gallery is that all of your data in the gallery will be synced every time. When you capture a new photo or receive any picture, or video it will appear in your mobile gallery app.

Is the Application of Google Photos and Samsung Cloud the Same?

They are not the same. Samsung Cloud is a type of storage service offered by Samsung itself. At the same time the application of Google Photos, which is linked to your Google account, is an automatic backup service that stores and shares your photos to your Google Account. These services allow you to store your pictures and videos online, but they are different.

Hope this article will help in getting rid of your problem associated with How do I unlink Google photos from my gallery. Share your experience regarding Google Photos with us in the comments section below.

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