How Do I Unlink My Xbox Live Account From My Microsoft?

Do you have multiple Microsoft accounts, and one of them is linked with Xbox live account that you don’t use anymore? You might wonder, “how do I unlink my Xbox live account from my Microsoft account”?

Following this article’s small procedure, you can easily unlink your Xbox Live account from your Microsoft account.

Unlinking Xbox Live Account From Microsoft Account

Follow these steps to unlink your Xbox account from your Microsoft account successfully:

  1. Access your settings from your console.
  2. Look for “Apps” and click on it.
  3. Scroll down and select “Xbox live.”
  4. Now click “Uninstall” to unlink it from your Microsoft account.

How to Remove Xbox From Your Microsoft Account?

  1. Go to “” from your desktop browser.
  2. You will land on the “Devices” page and see your Microsoft-linked devices here. Look for Xbox and click on “Info and support.”
  3. This interface will have several settings and info related to your Xbox device. Click “remove this device/unlink from your account” at the top right corner of your screen.
  4. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click “I am ready to remove this device” and then “Remove.”

This will permanently remove your Xbox device from your Microsoft account, and you will no longer see it in your devices list.


How do I remove the linked account from my Microsoft?

Go to the menu and click settings > Accounts. Now choose the Microsoft account you wish to delete. Scroll down and click on it. Choose “Yes” to remove it, and then again select yes to confirm the removal.

How do I remove my Xbox live account from the Microsoft family?

To open the guide, press the “Xbox” button on the controller. Open “profile and system” and then select “settings.” Now go to the account > family settings and then “manage family members.” To authorize the change, enter your password. Choose the account you wish to remove, then select “Remove (family member name)” from the family.

How do I transfer my Xbox live account to another email?

You can create a new account, add it as a primary email, and remove the previous one. The old email address will remain associated with your Xbox profile, however. 

How to remove someone from your Xbox live account?

Go to settings and select “System.” click “storage space” > “All gadgets” > “Gamer profiles.” Select the Gamertag you want to remove from your Xbox live account and then choose “Delete.” 

How do I find out my email for my Xbox live account?

Press the Xbox button on your controller to access the guide. Select profile and system and then “Choose a profile.” You will see your Gamerpic, Gamertag, and email associated with your Xbox live account.


Whether you want to unlink your Xbox live account or remove someone from your Xbox profile, you can easily do so by following the methods mentioned in this guide.

We hope this guide has answered your queries. Play more games instead of worrying about how to solve tech issues now that your Xbox is easier to handle.

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