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How do you delete a Battlenet account?

Best Answer:
  1. To have your Blizzard account deleted.
  2. Complete the steps outlined on their support page.
  3. Once you request deletion.
  4. It will remove all personal and gaming information from your account, which is permanent and cannot be undone.


How do I permanently delete my Blizzard account?

Account deletion is irreversible and will remove any data from your profile. To get a confirmation of deletion, visit Blizzard’s support page and fill out the information.

How do I delete blizzard?
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Follow these steps to manually uninstall the Battle.net desktop app:
1) Go to control panel and click on Uninstall a program.
2) Right-click on Battle.net and select Uninstall. …If the client is not found, continue with step 3…
3) Delete the battle charge folder to remove any remaining Blizzard Battle.net desktop program helper applications

Does Blizzard delete inactive accounts?
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