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How do you delete a broadcast on Periscope?

Best Answer:
  1. You can delete a Periscope broadcast by clicking the “delete broadcast” button at the end of the video, or by deleting it from your broadcasts page.

How To delete a broadcast on Periscope

Periscope is a live video broadcasting platform owned by Twitter. One of the latest features on Periscope allows users to broadcast and watch videos live using their mobile phones; this can be either through iphone or android system, depending on what phone that they have. When it comes to deleting the broadcasts,  you could delete them yourself but there’s no option for you to delete other people’s broadcasts once you’ve viewed it.  But if you want to  report inappropriate content then  you’re able to report  it anonymously  so that it will be reviewed and  either removed  or an age restriction will apply.

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The first option for you is  to report an obscene content  or something that violates policy.   To do so, tap the broadcast of interest; it’ll then open up the comments – scroll down and tap “Report”.  You could also choose to block a user if you don’t wish to see their future broadcasts. If you want to permanently delete your own broadcast, go ahead and hit the three dots in right corner in order to get more options; from there, simply enable the deletion toggle switch and proceed with confirmation by pressing Done icon at the bottom  to delete  the broadcast  that  was  just  recorded. This is how you could delete a broadcast on Periscope.

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The  second  option  is  to  delete  the  broadcast  after  you’ve finished watching it. I hope this article will be able to help you in case you are having a problem on deleting a broadcast on Periscope or any other similar stuff.


Is Periscope monitored?

Periscope is a live video streaming app that does not routinely monitor its participants. Whenever the user enables location tagging, Periscope automatically posts their broadcast to Twitter with a GPS marker.

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Why did periscope die?

Twitter announced it will shut down the video-streaming app Periscope in March 2021. In its announcement on Medium, the team explained that they made the decision because of declining usage and a desire to eliminate expenses for app maintenance.

Is Periscope a safe app?

Periscope is a live broadcasting app that doesn’t seem safe for children. Live streaming makes it difficult to control feedback and comments from viewers. Users have little say over the live comments they receive.

What replaced periscope?
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Top Alternatives to Periscope include:
1. Twitch.
2. YouNow.
3. Vimeo Livestream.
4. StreamYard.
5. Facebook Live.
6. YouTube Live, and more!

How do I watch periscope on my TV?

If you are using the global feed, you can go to the Watch tab by clicking on the TV icon.