How Do You Delete a Group on FaceTime?

FaceTime is an awesome application launched by Apple to enable iOS users to make audio and video calls easily. The app is famous and competes with other apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google Duo, but unfortunately, it is limited to iOS devices alone. The application can be used on all iOS devices, making calls easier for iOS users. But how can I delete a group on the application? This post has explained the steps on How Do You Delete a Group on FaceTime, so let’s get started! 

Easy Steps on How Do You Delete a Group on FaceTime?

It is disappointing that FaceTime has not yet offered an option allowing users to leave groups. To solve issues of being joined groups you are not interested in, you need to delete that group. To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the FaceTime application on your iOS device.
Open the FaceTime application

2. Select the call log of that group you wish to delete.

Select the call log of that group you wish to delete.

3. Swipe the call log towards the left.

4. Select the Delete button.

Once you complete the above steps, the group will disappear. However, some users have complained that this option is not available, and they cannot delete a group using the above steps. In such a case, don’t lose hope because you can still delete the group. 

Alternative Method to Delete a Group on FaceTime

If the above method doesn’t work, you can try following the steps below:

  1. Perform the first three steps explained above.
  2. If you don’t see the delete option, select the edit option.
  3. Scroll downwards and select the edit option.
  4. Select the group you want to delete and hit the Delete option at the bottom.

If the above steps don’t work on your device, the option you are left with is to restart your iOS device. Restarting a device is a simple trick for dealing with a problem and may help you solve the issue you are experiencing. Depending on the version of your iOS device, check Apple support for the various ways to restart it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Install FaceTime on My Android Phone?

FaceTime is an application that Apple started in 2011. The app is famous for iOS devices and is compatible with all iOS devices like iPods, iPads, iPhones, and Mac devices. Unfortunately, the application has not been extended to Android devices, making it impossible to be used by Android users. Android users can use other tools like Instagram, or WhatsApp, instead of FaceTime.

How Do You Delete a Group on FaceTime?

Users of FaceTime can easily delete a group from the app by launching it, clicking on the group they wish to delete, and swiping left to delete the group. When you swipe left, a Delete option will be presented to you. Click on it to complete the deletion.

Why Can’t I Delete a Group on FaceTime?

Sometimes, users find it hard to delete groups on FaceTime. When they launch the application and select the group, the delete option disappears after swiping. For some phones, this may be working for single calls, but you can try to select the edit option presented to you and navigate downwards to hit the delete option. The only option is to restart your device if it does not respond. 

Can I Disable Random Group Calls on FaceTime?

Yes. There are a few solutions to keep away random calls that can disturb your peace. The various ways you can stop random group calls include:
1. Enabling the Do Not Disturb option from the Settings application of your iOS device.
2. Changing your phone number or email on FaceTime
3. Blocking those random numbers.

Why Am I Still Getting Random Calls?

You may have blocked random numbers from calling you, but still, you are receiving the calls. On other devices, you may not have the option for blocking some numbers, making it easy for them to keep calling you. 

Do Facetime without Groups

The FaceTime application is a trending application that has made video and voice calls for iOS users easier. The only requirement is to be connected to a strong network, and you can talk to your friends easily. But in a case where you have joined some random groups that keeps disturbing you, learn to delete the groups and avoid being disturbed using the solutions presented in this guide.

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