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How do you delete a guest account on ps4?

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Please follow these steps carefully:

  1. Tap the Parental Controls.
  2. Family Management from the PlayStation™Network Menu.
  3. If you are not signed in to the PlayStation Network.
  4. Please sign-in.
  5. Or create a new profile.
  6. Connect with your email address and password for each system using this account (e.g., PS3™, PSP®,Vita).

View Family Members and select Delete Profile from under that tab for any family member you would like removed from your console or handheld; typically profiles are set up upon purchase of a new device so most will have one listed by default here.

I have a ps4 and i deleted my profile accidentally. I want to delete my guest account to create another but how do i delete it? Its not in settings as its called guest or anything like that the only thing ive found is system storage management, which shows how much hard drive memory is taken up by what items and thats it. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

The link you posted didn’t result into a useful answer for you so I’m posting here directly. Delete a Guest Account from your PS4: 1) On the home screen of your PlayStation 4, go to Settings > Users > Select your name . 2) Under ‘Select Type of Media and Devices’, choose ‘Devices’ 3) Select the device that you want to delete, then press [X] on your controller. 4) Select ‘Delete Account’, then confirm by choosing another account and press [X]. 5) Your system will prompt you to enter a PlayStation Network sign-in ID. Enter the username and password for your Primary Account or select ‘Sign In Using Secondary PS4’. 6) Once signed out, your account is now deleted from this device. Delete All Local User Accounts from your PS4: 1) Sign in to PlayStation Network 2) If prompted, choose “Create a New User” as opposed to linking an existing one. 3) Continue through the new user creation process until instructed to do otherwise. 4) Hold the PlayStation button for 5 seconds to return to the PS4 home screen 5) Choose “Sign In” 6) Choose “Create a New User” 7) Continue through the new user creation process until instructed to sign into an existing console account or launch without signing in 8 ) Rather than signing into your Primary Account, select ‘No’ 9) You will be running as a Guest and your accounts have been deleted from this device.

My take is that you have not set up PSN+ because of which you are getting that error message. Also COPPA has been activated on your children’s accounts since they’re under 13. Do note that with all free subscriptions, there should at least one paid subscription in the family. On your Secondary PS4, you might need to sign out of your primary account and then sign into a new one for the changes to take effect.

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Make sure that your PlayStation is connected to the internet. If you want to access paid content and features on non-primary systems, all users must have an active PS Plus membership. Linking untested

I am having issues with my uncle’s account on his ps4. I had sent him a message stating it was not possible for his son to join me in minecraft (which is what he signed his son up for). He replied that he didn’t understand why I could not connect because I had already played with him and “some other guy” before. On top of this, both times we played I did so from my own profile which was linked under my family share plan. However, when I tried to sign into my children’s profiles, it would not let me under the account that my children were signed under. this leaves me unsure of what to do since I am unable to access his kids profile whatsoever and their is no way for him to change the parent password because he has no idea what it is.

I apologize if you’ve seen this answer in another post already but I’m unaware of where it was placed so for everyone else here goes… Here’s how much storage is left on your PS4: Settings > System Storage Management The only thing you can delete without formatting the hard drive is the game data stored on it. You can delete the game’s temporary data files which saves you a decent amount of space but not as much as formatting just the hard disk itself. Hope that helps!

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This is a great tutorial, thanks! I have 1TB internal HDD and I want to know if there is any way to move games/videos/music from PS4 internal HD to USB flash drive without formatting my whole disk? The reason behind this question is because until now we’ve managed our storage just by moving data manually, so far we had no issues with playing games directly from external HDD. Now, since new version of system software was released (2.50) in August every time I play an online game over internet.

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How do you delete a PlayStation guest account?

Tap Parental Controls/Family Management. Step 3: If you are not already logged in, sign into the PlayStation Network profile.
Click Family Management. Step 5: Under Family Members, select deletion of the user account from step 6

What is a guest account on PS4?

If you choose to log in as a guest, your data will be deleted after you sign out.

Does deleting a user on PS4 delete the account?

You can delete the account from your console, but it will take a back-up of the account and not erase any game data.

Why can’t I delete a family member on PS4?

If a user creates an account for a child using their own Microsoft family, the child will automatically join that family. This means it’s possible to accidentally create a citizen without intending to be their new family manager and mover.