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How do you delete a guest account on ps4?

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  1. How to Delete a Guest Account on PS4. To delete a guest account on the PS4, do the following: Step 1: Sign in and select “Advanced Settings” from your home menu. Step 2. Select “Parental Controls/Family Management” and confirm that you are an adult age 18 years or older through online authentication at

how to delete a guest account on ps4

Once the ps4 is turned on, go to the ps4’s home screen. When a user gets used to how ps4 works, he/she will be able to navigate it easily without any need of tutorial or instructions.

The xmb (xross media bar) button on ps4 is located at the bottom right corner which looks like 4 lines and is not labeled when the ps4’s power off state is active. When this button is within your finger reach, you can press it quickly for easy access to all ps4’s features as well as switch between apps and games quickly.

In order to delete a guest account step by step using ps4 guide , it would be very helpful if you went through ps3 ps4 user guide first so you can have a clear enough ps4 knowledge to understand ps4 step by step instructions. I think it’s still very much needed for ps4 beginners who are not familiar with ps3 functions and ps4 new features like ps3 ps4 remote play.

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You will need a ps+ account of course in order to use almost all ps4 system features, playing games online and accessing free game demos as well as other apps besides watching movies, listening to music and reading ebooks.

Step 1: press the ps button on the controller which is located on top center of ps controller or on both side of d-pad (I prefer using the buttons because holding down the home button would confuse me sometimes). Then choose ps4 settings which is usually located at the bottom of ps4’s home screen.

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Step 2: choose users and press select (or ps button) to confirm your choice on ps4 user management.

Step 3: Choose guests icon from ps4 user management options then hit x button to delete the guest ps+ account you just created in ps3 ps4 remote play guide.

Step 4-a: Pressing no will disable the guest ps+ account but if you want to remove its data completely, press yes for a warning message. Keep in mind that this action cannot be undone so think twice before deleting everything from your ps4 hard drive! Another thing to note here is that deleting a ps4 account means all downloaded content associated with the ps4 account will be removed and no ps+ service will be available for it anymore.


How do you delete someones PSN account?

Delete a PS4 user
To delete a profile, go to Settings.
Inside the “Login setting” menu, select User Management.
Next, choose Delete User and then select the target’s profile you would like to remove.

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What happens if I delete my account on PS4?

You will lose access to content purchased through this account. You have the option to transfer your purchases to another account or give a refund based on the PlayStation Store cancellation policy.

How do I deactivate my PSN account on someone else’s PS4?

To disable all PS4’s visit http://account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/, account, media and devices, then deactivate everything from there.

How do you deactivate a ps4 as your primary ps4 if you no longer have it?

1. To deactivate the PS4 from the console, select “Settings” on your controller and choose “Account Management.” Afterward, right-click over “Activate as Your Primary PS4” and select “Deactivate”. Confirm your decision.
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