How Do You Delete A Language on Duolingo?

Duolingo is a popular language learning app that translates text and provides graphics and sound, which improves language learners’ reading and speaking skills. But does everybody know how to delete a language on Duolingo? 

If by any chance you want to know how to delete a language on Duolingo, then you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll take you through how to easily delete a language on your Duolingo account. However, let’s take a quick brief about Duolingo for new users.

What Is Duolingo?

Learning a new language is easy with Duolingo. It’s fun, it’s free, and it works. The world’s most popular language learning program helps you get started in more than 20 languages and then keeps track of your progress all the way to proficiency. Duolingo is a fun and easy way to learn new languages. With helpful features and gamification, it’s the perfect way to pick up a new language.

Whether you’re learning for fun, traveling the world, or climbing the corporate ladder, with Duolingo, you can learn any language from the comfort of your own home.

Duolingo is an award-winning language app that helps you learn a language while translating the web, texting friends, and talking to natives. Available in a range of languages, it’s free to download and includes a gamified experience for daily learning sessions.

Step By Step Guide On How To Delete A Language On Duolingo

It’s no news that Duolingo works on a desktop browser, an Android browser, and an iOS browser. Unfortunately, removing or deleting a language from your account learning plan is no longer available for mobile browsers. One might need to access Duolingo with a desktop browser to carry out the process. But wait! There is a way out, and we’ll let you in on it.

Here are a few simple tips that will walk you through the process.

  • Step 1: Launch a preferred browser on your computer, android, or iPhone.
  • Step 2: Visit by entering it in the browser URL box.
duolingo get started page
  • Step 3: This step is to change your phone browser mode to desktop browser mode. 

For iOS, click on the reading mode icon at the top left corner of your safari browser. Then select ‘Request Desktop Website‘ in the option available. The page will then reload automatically and display in desktop mode.

For Android, click the browser menu icon (the three dots icon) at the top right corner of your browser (in this case, Google Chrome). Then select ‘Desktop site‘ to tick the desktop site option. The page will then reload automatically and display in desktop mode.

chrome desktop mode
  • Step 4: Click “I already have an account and provide your account login details to log into your Duolingo account.
How Do You Delete A Language on Duolingo?
  • Step 5: Click on your profile, which is at the top right corner of the Duolingo homepage. 
doulingo account
  • Step 6: Select ‘Settings’
doulingo setting
  • Step 7: Click on ‘Learning Language‘ on the sidebar that pops up
doulingo language setting
  • Step 8: Click ‘Manage Language
doulingo select language
  • Step 9: Click ‘Remove‘ beside the language to be deleted
doulingo remove language
  • Step 10: A window will appear asking if you’re sure you want to delete this language, hit yes and your language is now deleted!
doulingo confirm language remove

How To Add A New Language To Duolingo

It’s quite obvious that you might need to add a new language sometime in the future. Here is a quick step-by-step brief on how to add a new language using the desktop browser mode.

Step 1: Go to your Duolingo account

Step 2: Click on the flag icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen

doulingo  Account

Step 3: Select “Add a new course” from the drop-down menu.

doulingo add language

Step 4: Click on the language you want to add.

doulingo add new language

Step 5:  Then click on ‘Start Course’ to start learning the new language.

doulingo start new course


How can I remove a language from the app?

You’re not allowed to. There is no way to remove languages from the Duolingo program, and the courses are available in every language.

What is the process for removing a course from Duolingo from my mobile?

For free, you may learn a variety of languages with Duolingo. Courses in the Duolingo app cannot be deleted, only deleted from the website. Duolingo’s website is the only place from which you can remove a course from the service. 

In Duolingo, how can I remove a country?

The country will remain in the Duolingo app until you delete it. It is, however, possible to alter the nation and subsequently remove it.

What is the simplest language to learn?

This is a difficult topic to answer because the learner’s previous experience with languages will have a role. When it comes to studying languages like Spanish or Italian, native English speakers are typically the most successful. However, if you are a native French or German speaker, you may find it easier to study Spanish or Italian than if you are not.

On Duolingo, how do you switch between languages?

The flag icon in the upper left corner of Duolingo is where you’ll find the switch to another language. You can then select a language from a list of options.


As you can see, deleting a language is not that hard, and Duolingo has made it very easy to do so. If you are looking for an app to learn a second language, we would highly recommend using Duolingo. You can check out their website here: or download the app on your phone or tablet in Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Windows Store.

And that’s all about it! We hope this helped clear things up for any of you newcomers. We’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to comment below.

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