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How do you delete a Microsoft account?

Best Answer:
  1. Return to Close your account and follow the directions to sign in.
  2. Check that the page displays the Microsoft account you wish to cancel.
  3. Then click Next. Read through the list and check off any items you’ve read.
  4. In the drop-down menu labeled Select.
  5. Choose the reason for closing your account.

How to Add or Remove Microsoft Account on Windows 10


How do I delete a Microsoft email account?
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Open Settings. Under Accounts, choose your email account to delete. Tap Delete Account. Select either Remove from this device or Remove from all devices.

How do I delete a Microsoft account without signing in?

Select the user accounts and then Manage another account from the drop-down menu. If prompted by UAC, accept it. Select a user account to delete. Go to Account Management and select Delete Account from the drop-down menu.

Do you lose word if you delete your Microsoft account?
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If you delete your Microsoft Account, all of the associated Microsoft Subscriptions will be removed permanently. You can recover your O365 2019 License simply by logging into your Microsoft Account and viewing your Order History.

Why can’t I remove a Microsoft account?

Also, bear in mind that you can’t remove or delete an account you’re currently logged in to. To delete your account, log in with another admin account. Also, rather than selecting Sign in with a local account under Settings Accounts Your information, go to Settings Accounts Your info and select Sign in with a local account.

How do I permanently delete my Microsoft Team account?
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On a PC or laptop, log into www.teamapp.com. Click your name in the upper right corner. Select ‘edit account’ from the menu and eliminate it.