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How do you delete a Nintendo account on Wii U?

Best Answer:
  1. On the Home Menu, select your Mii avatar in the upper-left corner to enter User Settings.
  2. Tap Delete This User.
  3. If prompted, enter four digits and confirm.
  4. Type in password associated with account and continue.

A user of Reddit has posted an image explaining how you can delete your Nintendo account using Wii U. The process involves deleting the Nintendo Network ID and then going through a number of steps resetting the system.

“If you want to permanently delete your Nametag and data from your Wii U, but not the console itself, follow these steps: (Note that this will wipe all save files from games such as New Super Mario Bros. 2),

Go into Miiverse on Wii U Go to your profile Click on “Friend List” at the top left hand corner Click on the last friend listed In the drop-down menu next to their name click “Delete Friend” A warning window will pop up saying something along the lines of “Are you sure you want to delete this friend?” Click on the red button that says “Delete” A window will pop up, read it carefully and click “Yes” (you can turn off your Wii U at this point) After restarting your Wii U go into Miiverse, if it asks you to merge with an existing profile or create a new one, choose option 2 (create a new user) and put in whatever name you like. Once created navigate to mii plaza where there should be a big purple and white globe in the middle of the screen Go over to it and press power The next thing that pops up is an error message “You are not connected to Internet”, don’t worry about this because we’re going through with this anyway Click on “Wii Mode” When the next menu pops up click on “Miiverse” While in Miiverse go to settings and click on “Delete Account” This will prompt a warning, make sure you read it carefully. Fill out all of the required information (name, Nintendo Network ID) and continue with deleting your account You are now free from Nintendo!”

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1) On your GamePad, Go to settings and tap on Internet (you will get a message about an Internet connection). If you have never connected to internet before then select Yes, if you have already connected to internet previously then skip this step.( if it says No, check the top of this article for troubleshooting)

2) Once in Internet settings select Connections Settings. Then select Delete connections (this option may not be present depending on your version of Wii U). You will see options of Wired networks and Wireless networks. Select either one that you want to remove. In our case we want to delete wireless network so we choose Wireless Network.

3) Once you are in Wireless network settings, select the Delete option. Then choose Delete again. Wait until it completes and then go back to Internet Settings screen and select Connections settings once again. You should see no wireless or wired connections listed now except your Broadband connection if any.(in our case we don’t have a broadband connection so there are only wireless networks shown.)

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4) Now Select Add Connection and one of three options will be shown to you depending upon which kind of internet connection you want to connect to (wired/wireless etc) but mostly the choices will be wired connections with exception of Wi-Fi hotspot which is for connecting wirelessly through cellular data plan on Wii U. In my case I want to connect an Ethernet cable.

5) Select your Connection type and then select next button for details about the connection, After you are done checking details of a particular connection, tap on top right corner of Wii U GamePad screen to go back to additional info screen. Then tap on bottom left corner again to go back one more time (if you want to see any other connections). Once it is returned just Select Use this Connection and follow the on-screen instructions. You may need to reboot your console once if the connection was already set up before using these steps but in my case I am adding new setting so it did not required anything else except selecting ETHERNET under Wired Network Settings.(You don’t have to choose WIRED settings if you are connecting wireless using Wi-Fi hotspot so choose your settings)

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6) Now when you return to internet settings, select connections setting for the setup you have just added. Tap on delete button and then confirm deletion. Again wait until it completes.(In my case it shows no connections listed after deleting.) After that go back one more time to internet settings screen(by selecting internet option in main menu) and select connection settings again but this time you will see different options because all of your previous/existing connections were deleted before. Now connect to whatever connection you want to add (it can be wired or wireless). In our case we are adding Wired network so we tap on Ethernet connection.(Connecting through WLAN is pretty much.


How do I delete a Nintendo ID?

Select System Settings from the HOME menu.
Select Nintendo Network ID Settings.
Select Other, then select Delete Nintendo Network ID and follow the steps to complete this process..

How do you delete a Wii U eShop account?

From the Nintendo app on your mobile phone select Settings/Other. Scroll down and click Delete Account. Follow the next steps to ensure that all purchases are also deleted from both systems.

How do I delete a Mii on Wii U?

To delete a Mii, highlight it and press the button with an “X” through it.

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