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How do you delete a Talkatone account on Iphone?

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  1. To terminate your account, please email us at [email protected]

How to delete Talkatone account on Iphone

Talkatone is the newest free VoIP service for Iphone. Talkatone provides cheap international calling rates with no hidden fees, and it works over 3G/4G or WiFi so you can make calls even when there isn’t a strong signal

– Talkatone account

– Talkatone settings

– Talkatone profile picture

To delete Talkatone from your iPhone:

1) Go to applications->click on application icon (you should see “Mail”, “Safari” and Talkatone”…find Talkatone)->click on it and slide upward (just like when deleting an app)

2) You should now be at a screen that says “Delete App”“. Tap this button to confirm that you want Talkatone deleted.

3) Talkatone will now uninstall itself from your iPhone. After the app is removed, a pop up message will ask if Talkatone can delete your Talkatone account as well. Tap yes and Talkatone will then automatically remove all data associated with your Talkatone account from apple’s servers (your email address, username, profile picture…etc). Talkatone will then ask you to confirm that Talkatone sent a registration cancellation email to Talkatone. Talkatone cannot send this email if Talkatone has been deleted. Tap cancel on the registration cancelation screen and Talkatone will take care of it’s own business…

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4) Now go ahead and close your iPhone and open it again. Talkatone should be completely gone from your iPhone (but don’t worry, Talkatone will still be in the apps section when you open your App Store). Talkatone will also be completely removed from the Talkatone website…so you can safely give Talkatone your Talkatone password if you ever want to use Talkatone again.

If Talkatone still does not come up after reopening your App Store, log into Talkatone at iphonestalk.com and click on “account” (I believe that is where it is). Now delete Talkatone from your account page (click on delete next to any Talkatones that are in your account with no explanation) and close out of the webpage then reopen it again and try to search for Talkatone on google or some other search engine….now hopefully Talkaton will appear in uour App Store.

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Is Talkatone a safe app?

Conclusion. Ultimately, Talkatone is one of the best apps if you need to stay in contact while traveling abroad. It’s free to access and gives you 60 minutes of outbound calling to Canada or the USA each month, so don’t hesitate to download it to your phone now.

Can people see your email on Talkatone?

With Talkatone, you will not be able to use anonymous dialing. … If caller ID is enabled on your home line, it may show the user name associated with a Talkatone account. The email address won’t display in the caller ID when making outgoing calls from an iPhone.

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Does Talkatone work without WiFi?

Can you text from a tablet without a phone? Yes. Talkatone is an app that works on both iOS and Android when your tablet has cellular data or WiFi access.

Does Talkatone show your real number?

To use the Talkatone service, One you of must the have most an useful account features with of Talk Talkatatoneone and is be that registered it on allows their you website to. call
text over WiFi or data-not just cell minutes-which Google Voice does not allow.

How can I call and text for free without WiFi?

The TextNow app for Android and iOS is the best app if you’re looking to make free calls and texts.
Alternatively, Google Voice offers a good texting option that’s ad-free.
For those wanting just phone texts, or with international calling needs, Dingtone is another solid choice.

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