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How do you delete messages on Meetup?

Best Answer:
  1. It is not currently possible to delete messages.
  2. A clutter-free inbox makes for an organized Meetup experience.
  3. As you grow more active in the platform.
  4. You’ll find yourself receiving more messages and archiving old or finished ones can really help keep your inbox clean.

I recently attended a Meetup in San Francisco where there were 20 people (in total) who ran the “Brewer’s Brunch” series.

It was an extremely fun event that allowed you to meet up with other home brewers and get feedback on your beer. Every month, they would host a brunch at a restaurant near Union Square for all of those who wanted to attend. I had first gone in February 2016 when it was hosted at Aziza which is a Moroccan restaurant located in North Beach, San Francisco.

Afterwards, we’d walk over to nearby Mollusk Brewing Company to sample some craft beers while while discussing different topics related to brewing beer such as yeast propagation or how much malt did you use.

So, if you’re an avid IPA drinker like me, then I highly recommend checking out the next “Brewer’s Brunch” by joining their Meetup group. Many interesting hobbies and interests are discussed afterward at Mollusk Brewing Company such as homebrewing beer or how to grow your own hops or barley from seed all the way up to harvest.

January 2017 was my last time going with them – though it’s been a while since I checked back in with these guys – so when I saw this post pop up on Facebook about this person posting something that made no sense at all, I had to do a double take:

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Apparently, this person from Meetup had gotten married and unblocked as well as deleted that other person on Facebook. The interesting part about it is…that one of the messages she was replying to was actually sent by me.

I didn’t realize this until I saw her status update. She must have deleted my comment and then posted it so publicly instead of just sending a private message to that other guy. By doing so, everyone can see the type of conversation they were having; and it’s quite clear that some kind of backstabbing/insults were thrown out there with him accusing her for being controlling.

I suspect it was because she took a picture of the food at that brunch event and made a joke about how they don’t have bacon on their pancakes with sausage. From what I recall, there wasn’t much talk about bacon or any other type of meat for that matter. So what exactly did they talk about…or was it just so awkward that both parties wanted to forget about the entire experience? Maybe some people weren.

I’ve recently been working on an app called the Missing Message for iOS and Android. It’s a new messaging service that syncs messages to all your devices — so you see them no matter which phone or computer you’re using. I built it because I hate how Meetup uses Facebook to message people. . .and, by default, forces users to keep these messages forever! So here’s what I’m doing about it…

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The Missing Message is a brand-new mobile messaging platform that lets you delete any one message, or every message in your entire history with just a single button press. No more hidden trash cans; no more digging through menus trying to find the option buried under layers of other settings.

To delete a message, you just tap on it and then you see the delete button. If this is your first time using the Missing Message app, there will be one message already in your inbox; I’ve made sure to put a test message in there so you can try deleting it! You’ll also notice three buttons: “Delete”, “Edit”, and “Mark As Spam”. The mark as spam button is useful if someone sends you an email that’s considered spam. When you tap on the mark as spam button next to their name or email address, their messages go straight to the trash can (and they get marked as spammers). This helps keep them from sending more unsolicited mail to all of your friends at Meetup. If you accidentally mark someone as spam, just tap on the little trash can to get rid of that message and start over.

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If you have any questions about how the Missing Message works (or want to be notified when it’s ready for prime time), please email me at [email protected]! I’d love feedback from everyone 🙂

I’m calling this project a success! Although the app is very useful for meeting organizers, many users have reported not having enough friends using the Missing Message app to make it work effectively. So sadly I’ve decided to discontinue development of this app. However, if you’re an Android user looking for.


How do you delete archived messages?

To delete an archived chat, press and hold the chat screen. Press “Delete” when you see it appear.

How do I delete this message?

To delete a message, touch and hold it. If you want to delete multiple messages, touch and hold the first one, then tap the others. Tap Delete to confirm.

How do I delete Microsoft team chat history?

It is possible to clear the history of a conversation with another user. Click the three dot options button in the top right corner of your conversation, and then select Clear history.