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How do you delete messages on Plenty of Fish?

Best Answer:
  1. Press the box next to a message until it is highlighted, scroll down and click on Delete Selected.

Steps on How do you delete messages on Plenty of Fish?

If you want to delete messages that another person has sent you on plenty of fish, the process is a little bit different than deleting other types of messages.

– In order to do this, go into your profile and select Messages from the menu bar at the top.

– Select any message(s) that you would like to remove by clicking “Spam” or “Unread”. Clicking Spam will send them back to where they came from while Unread will keep them in your inbox but out of view. Then just click Trash next! You’re done! If there are many messages that need deleted then it’s best to clean up spam one page at a time for efficiency purposes so as not to confuse yourself .

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– There is no way to delete messages for other people. Messages that you sent them will be deleted once they are read, but not by you! If spamming someone’s inbox has become a problem, it would probably be best to just block the person instead and contact an admin about what happened.

Key Points:

– This process only works on plenty of fish so if another type of message needs deleting then find information elsewhere for how to do this.

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– Be careful when using the “Spam” option because any message that was spammed could come back into your inbox depending on whether or not there were more than one page in the folder containing those messages. The Unread button should work better in these cases.

– When you delete plenty of fish messages, it only deletes the message from your inbox and not theirs. It doesn’t show up as read in their email either so they still get notifications about new messages even if they have already been deleted by you!


Does plenty of fish send text messages?

Plenty of Fish requires a mobile telephone to verify an account. This means we won’t support landlines, internet or VoIP lines, or the use of one-off messaging services

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How do I check my messages on Plenty of Fish?

In order to delete messages on Plenty of Fish, select the Inbox icon in the top right corner.
On this page you can view all of your current conversations.
Tap on any message to read what another member has sent you!

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