How do you delete multiple iMessages on Mac?

Deleting multiple iMessages on Mac can be done for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re trying to conserve storage space or don’t want to see your entire conversation with a contact. Whatever the reason, deleting multiple iMessages is easy to do.

Methods to Delete Multiple iMessages on Mac

You can do it two ways: deleting multiple messages at a time by selecting them within the conversation or deleting an entire conversation.

Just follow the steps below.

1. To delete multiple iMessages, first open the Messages app.

mac taskbar

2. Click on the conversation that contains the messages you wish to delete.

How do you delete multiple iMessages on Mac

3. Next, select all the messages that you want to delete. The selected messages will be highlighted. Hit the delete key.

How do you delete multiple iMessages on Mac

You can also right-click or control+click on the selection and choose the Delete option on the pop-up. A confirmation window will appear. Click on the red Delete option to complete the process. 

select delete
How do you delete multiple iMessages on Mac

4. To delete an entire conversation,control-click the conversation you want to delete. A pop-up window will appear. Choose Delete Conversation.

delete conversation

A confirmation window will appear. Click on the red Delete button to complete the process.

confirm delete

Frequently Asked Questions on IMessage

How do you select multiple Messages on iMessage?

You can select multiple messages on your Mac by opening the Messages application. Click on the desired conversation where you want to select multiple messages. Once it’s open, press the CMD key and click on the messages you want to select.

Do messages take up space on Mac?

Yes, some messages in the Messages app take space on your Mac. Because the app allows you to receive attachments, these files can take up much of your Mac’s storage space over time. You can regain this storage space by deleting the messages.

Where are iMessages stored on Mac?

The computer stores all of your iMessages on the hard drive if your Mac is using macOS Sierra. This is the default setting. For Macs using newer OS versions, you have a choice to store it on iCloud. Unless you changed this setting, your messages would still be stored on the hard drive.

Does deleting messages on Mac delete from iPhone?

If the iCloud syncing has been enabled in the iMessage preference, then deleting any message or conversation on the Mac will remove it from the server. If not, then you have to delete the messages separately.

Is there a way to delete all iMessages?

The fastest way to delete all iMessages is to remove entire conversations. Open the app and control-click on the conversations you wish to delete. Click the Delete Conversation from the options, then confirm this by clicking on Delete. 

Delete Messages to free Up Space

How do you delete multiple iMessages on Mac? Deleting multiple iMessages on your Mac is quite easy. You can delete multiple messages or simply remove the entire conversation in one go. Once those messages have been deleted, you’d free up space on the Mac. 

Note that when you remove the messages on any of your devices, they will be deleted from all of the Apple devices connected to that account. So, if you delete a message or a conversation on the Mac, it will also be deleted from your iPad, iPhone, and other devices that share the iCloud account. And once the messages are gone, you won’t be able to retrieve them anymore. 

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