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How do you delete recommendations on Wattpad?

Best Answer:
  1. Tap the search bar at the top right side of your screen and type.
  2. Your previous searches will show in a drop-down menu if you’re using a phone.
  3. Long press on the one you want to delete and then choose Delete when the option appears.
  4. Alternatively, go to the app.
  5. Settings and clear the cache.

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Can you clear cache on Wattpad?
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Click Manage Data under Cookies and Site Data Click Remove Selected (or Remove All to remove all stored cookies and site data) next to the site you want to delete (Wattpad).

How do you clear your Wattpad cache on your iPhone?

Open the iPhone’s settings. Scroll until you come across the eligible app, then tap it. Look for a “Clear cache” option. If the switch next to it is green, click it to clear the app’s cache.

How do you delete old comments on Wattpad?
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Select Delete Comment from the drop-down menu that appears after you click the three dots in the right-hand corner of a comment.

How do I change my reading preferences on Wattpad?

Tap the three-line icon at the top of the page. select your username. tap the gear symbol (bottom of page) to access Account Settings, then Reading Settings.

Why is Wattpad so bad?
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Wattpad’s major drawback is that it lacks moderation. The content rules state that Wattpad will delete stories with explicit sex, self-harm, or graphic violence that aren’t labeled as mature; however, a quick scan of the “hot romance” list reveals numerous stories that break these restrictions.