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How do you delete stories on fanfiction net?

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How To delete stories on fanfiction net

In order to delete your stories, you need to send an e-mail to the site administrators. The address is [email protected] Go to the support pages on their website for more information and a sample letter template that you can use (and edit).

Keep in mind, however, that even after you have deleted your account/stories from the site, the copies that have been downloaded will still exist. You should try to contact everyone you know who has ever read any stories you have written and ask them to delete those files as well.

If you wish to permanently remove an account from FanFiction.net without deleting your fanfics or comments, then follow this instructions:

In order to delete your account and access through such Websites as Yahoo!, Google+, MySpace (SSL), YouTube (SSL), Twitter, etc., please go to https://www.fanfiction.net/remove_account_information/ with every login information of a Website where user’s personal data was added by u.fanfiction net, they are still on archive of our own (archiveofourown . org ). This is because AO3 will not take down any fics posted by authors who request deletion. So if you really want your works gone forever, you should also contact them about removing it as well and then contacting “Google” about de-indexing it so that even people who are not logged in will not be able to find your stories.

Fanfiction.net, which was formed in 1998 by fans of the website Fan Lib and subsequently bought out, has come under fire recently for their new policy (see below) regarding copyrighted characters being used in fan fiction based on YA novels. There have been a lot of discussions about it, both on FFN itself – ironically enough – as well as other sites such as Tumblr and Dreamwidth. Theoretically they could take down all works featuring fictional characters at any point if they decided it would be beneficial to do so or if asked to by the copyright holder(s). After much debate about how this would affect fan fiction authors, there seems to be a general consensus that they would be able to remove the offending stories, but not necessarily any other fan fiction written by said author. So if you decide to use copyrighted characters in your stories, it is something you should consider carefully and take steps to cover yourself just in case.

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How do you edit stories on fanfiction net?

It is easy to edit an existing story on fanfiction.net. You go to manage. Story titles that you find the story in that you want to edit you have gone through content chapters

How do I permanently delete my fanfiction account?

If you want to completely delete your Fanfiction account, click “Delete fanfiction account via Settings” on the main site. Then, log into your account and go to your profile settings page. If you’re still signed in then just head over to the drop-down next to Delete Account button and select which type of deletion you would like. You’ll need an answer from a confirmation email (to make sure no one else got access). Then hit submit!

Is there a fanfiction Net App?
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For fans of fan-fiction, the OFFICIAL app for FanFiction.Net is now on MacOS devices! * Forums – Join a writing group or make friends with millions of other readers and writers. * Private Messaging – Enjoy private communication with other users.

How do you retrieve deleted fanfiction?

All you have to do is type the title of a story that has been removed from Wattpad and google will show it to you.

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How do I unsubscribe from fanfiction?

From your Fanfiction account, click on ‘alerts’, and then ‘about’ under that. Change all of the alerts to ‘no’. Then click save.