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How do you delete your Hotmail account permanently?

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  1. To delete your game save the file select
  2. New Game Saved Game
  3. And so on from the screen where you choose whether to begin a new
  4. game or resume a previously saved one
  5. Press and X in succession.
  6. This will erase your saved data
  7. The Soft Reset is a term used by treasure hunters looking.

How to Delete / Restart Pokemon X, Y, Sun, Moon, Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby!


How do you delete saved data on Pokemon Y?

Any existing saved game data must be erased manually by pressing Up + B + Select (Up + X + B in Generation VI) on the title screen before new data can be written as a safeguard against the unintentional loss of data from Generation IV onwards. To erase your game data, you must therefore press Up + X + B on the title screen.

Here are the steps that you’re going to have to do to restart Pokemon Sword and Shield and to delete your existing save data:
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Open the System Settings menu. Click Data Management in the left-hand column. Select Delete Save Data from the drop-down menu. Choose Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield as appropriate. Delete any existing save data on your system for this user. When prompted, choose Delete Save Data.

How do you delete Pokemon data on 3DS?
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Select Delete from the Data Management menu. Select Delete to remove your data, or Create Save-Data Backup and Delete Software if you wish to save it. Tap on Delete again to finalize your decision.

How do I delete ROM saves?

To delete a saved game, simply press the new game and use the game’s built-in save function to replace your current one. If you want to completely remove your game from your phone, go into its file browser and manually delete it. I hope this information is useful.

How do you delete a Pokemon save file?
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In the upper left corner of the screen, press all three buttons at once: X, B, and Up. When you do this, the game will ask if you want to erase your save file since it’s quite permanent. Select Yes and it’ll be removed.