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How do you edit your QuizUp profile?

Best Answer:
  1. You can also change your profile on QuizUp.
  2. just click the triangle beside your display name on the top bar and select Profile.
  3. From there you can change your display name.

A: Edit your profile in the QuizUp app on your mobile device. The button is at the top right hand corner of the main screen. If you are logged in to a Facebook account, you will be able to edit it there as well.

Your name and photo represent who you are as a player, and give us an easy way for others to recognize you on our platform. Players decide if they want their profiles public or private, but we encourage everyone to keep their information public so that other players can find them more easily. You can hide sensitive data such as your email address from view using privacy settings.

Use your camera to get pictures of yourself (selfies are encouraged), or you can use other images such as your business logo, a drawing or painting. You’re welcome to add links to videos of yourself on YouTube or Vimeo, but please note that this will be seen by everyone who views your profile.

public profile means others can see it – including QuizUp search results where anyone can join! Private matches only happen between people when they both choose each other’s private profile. Make sure to set your name/photo and privacy settings before playing! In either case, you can choose to hide your email address from view.

New players are required to create a new account before playing a match on QuizUp. Just download the app and follow the instructions! QuizUp is available for Apple iOS or Android devices. You can also play at www.quizup.com. If you are creating an account for the first time, please take a minute to link it to Facebook so we can find your friend’s list faster! Follow this link here: http://bitly.com/FacebookLinkQ1U. Don’t worry – after linking, you will still be able to unlink if needed by visiting your Account settings.

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Please visit www.quizup.com/faq and follow the instructions there to troubleshoot your issues. If no solutions are found, please contact our support team directly by submitting a help ticket or through our Facebook page: facebook.com/quizupplayers. Please be patient with us as we receive a lot of requests for help! We’re working hard behind the scenes to make sure everyone has a great experience with QuizUp!

You must first change your display name within the app and then log off and back in again under your new name. Unfortunately, you will not be able to change your nickname if you are already in the middle of a game. If you’re experiencing any issues changing your nickname, please contact our support team via a Help Ticket or on Facebook by posting at https://www.facebook.com/quizupplayers

How can I keep my profile private?

Privacy settings can be found here: http://bitly.com/PrivacyQ1U. These privacy settings apply to both public and private profiles, so make sure that there is nothing that should be changed before players add you as their friend! Your name and photo work together to represent who you are as a player, but they also help other players find your profile more quickly.

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The number of stars will give you an idea of how good that player is compared to all other players on QuizUp, regardless of whether they are friends or not! For example, if you are looking for someone who knows a lot about movies from the 80s, it might be useful to know which players have played more games and won more rounds than anyone else. This is why people with 5 stars show up first when searching by category (like “1980s Movies” or “Music”). Less active QuizUp members may only have 4 or 3 stars by their names. If you want to one day earn 5 stars like these exemplary members, try to challenge yourself by playing against as many people as you can.

Crowns will display next to your own profile pic if you are a current top player in any given category! If you see a crown in your friend’s profile pic, this means one of two things: either they were once the top player for that category or they are currently challenging themselves and have played against the #1 players already. Make sure to congratulate them on their achievement – they should be very proud!

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How do I delete my QuizUp profile picture?

Go to quizup.com/en and sign in to your account, then click on Edit Profile and scroll down for the Deactivate Account button.

How do I change my profile?

To change your profile picture on your Android phone or tablet, open Settings. Tap Google, then Manage Your Google Account. Under Basic Info, tap Photo to set a new picture.

How do you change your title on QuizUp?

When you get to the “Profile” screen, tap on “Use Title.”

How do you change your background on QuizUp?

Go to your profile settings, then tap on Edit Wallpaper. From the pop-up menu, choose your favorite option.

How do I change my BIGO profile picture?

Firstly, open the Bigo Live app.
Next, enter the profile tab and click on the profile photo.
Now, click on Edit to select a new photo or take one with your phone camera.