How Do You Get Macros On Ps4?

Greetings, beloved gamers. Have you ever wanted to unlock those extra features in your games? Or do you wonder what Macros are on PS4, or are you just interested in how to get Macros on PS4? Today’s post will discuss how to get it! With this guide, you’ll be able to use a lot of hidden features that come with the new console but aren’t available with the old one.

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Why do you need Macros on PS4?

It’s only normal if someone wonders why they’ll need Macros on PS4 in the first place. However, here are a few reasons to get Macros in Ps4:

  1. Macros help to create a shortcut for different multi-step options.
  2. Macros help to ease the repetition of repetitive tasks.
  3. Macros help to improve the overall gaming experience.
  4. Macros offer a customizable control layout for players, and it’s provided by default on custom PS4 controllers.
  5. With Macros, you can install specific functions and features in your games with a keyboard and mouse.

Steps to get Macros on PS4

On the PS4 and PS5, there isn’t a straightforward way to install macros. You must follow some tricks; you need a third-party app. There isn’t any other option. The function is absent from the console.

Second, a keyboard and mouse, which are simple to plug in, work better with them. It can be simple to incorporate macros into games that let you change your keybindings. These key bindings frequently signify numerous actions that are connected to a single press.

Overall, macros will work on both the PS5 and PS4 if you use a keyboard and mouse. After that, you can add macros from the menu by going to the PlayStation’s settings. Here are three ways to add macros to your PlayStation 4 gaming system.

First Approach: Using the PS4 Controller

Gaining access to macros on the PS4 keyboard gives you an advantage over players who use controllers. Following these instructions, you can create any type of macro on the PS4 keyboard.

  1. On the controller, press the “Options” button.
  2. Pick “Accessibility” from the drop-down option.
  3. Then scroll down and choose “Button Assignments.”
  4. Choose the new selection under macros.
  5. Choose the kind of keyboard macro you want to create.

Note: You can swap out macros that you’ve recorded on your keyboard and mouse. They are available for use or editing whenever you desire.

Second Approach: Using the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center

You can create keyboard and mouse macros if your PS4 console is connected to a Windows PC. You can assign any key or mouse click to a particular macro by recording the previously made ones. Here is how to do it:

  1. Install Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.
  2. Select “Settings” and then “Accessibility” from the menu.
  3. Select the macro from the list of choices at this point.
  4. To add a new macro, click “Create” or “+.”
  5. From the “Name Box,” give the names of the macros.
  6. By selecting “Editor,” you can add new macros.

Third Approach: Using the Macro Remap Controller

The PS4 controllers now include Macro Remap, a new function designed to help gamers stop repeatedly pressing the same stock buttons using simple macros.

  1. Connect the PS4 using the “Remap Controller.”
  2. Press a macro button while gaming.
  3. The modchip will change the stock buttons to one of the macro buttons.


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