How do you hide the filter you used on Snapchat?

If you like to try different filters on Snapchat but do not want people to make fun of your selection or wish to keep it a secret, there is nothing to worry about. Simply hide them. If you do not know answer to question, How do I hide the filter you used on Snapchat, here is a guide.

How to hide the filters/lens that I used on Snapchat?

Follow the following steps to hide the filters you want to keep a secret.

Step 1: Go to Snapchat

While opening your app, ensure you are logged in to your Snapchat account, from where you can share your posts with your friends.

Step 2: Select your desired filter

Focus the camera on your face and select your desired filter from the Snapchat camera. To select the filter, tap on the smile emoji on the right corner next to the shutter button.

Focus the camera on your face and select your desired filter from the Snapchat camera

Tapping this icon will take you to the filter gallery, where you will see all the filters. Swipe right to change. Once you stop swiping, the filter will be applied to your Snap Cam.

Tapping this icon will take you to the filter gallery where you will see all the filters

Step 3: Click or Record your Snap

When applying the filter, record or take your selfie by tapping the shutter button; to make a video, tap the same button for more than one second, and release it when you need to stop.

The snap or the video will be available for preview.

Step 4: Save or Send your Story

Post, send, or save your story. You have the option to save only and save in memory and storage. Select according to your desire. 

How do you hide the filter you used on Snapchat

Step 5: Go to Your Story

You need to go to your story and swipe up to hide the filter.

Step 6: Edit

Swiping up will open the pop-up settings for the story. Tap on the three dots that you can see in the top left corner and tap on Edit.

Step 7: Filters and Gear

Under the filters, you will see a small gear icon which the settings. Tap that icon and uncheck the box next to the filters/lens you want to hide. 

Your filters will be hidden.

What does a hard filter mean on Snapchat?

If you are an avid user of Snapchat, you might have gone through the term Hard Filter which is used to explain the light exposure with a value of -1. This minimizes the light from the image resulting in less contrast between the dark and light spots. 

It will also refer to the difficulty of enquiring about the steepness of lit and shadow. 

FAQs on Filters on Snapchat

How to find filters that I have used on Snapchat memories?

To find the filters on Snapchat that you have used previously in the memories, 
– You need to update your app first. 
– Then, go to the Snapchat memories section and select the photo from which you want to find the filter or the lens.  
– Once you find the image, you will see the filter name on the left corner.

How can I enable filters on Snapchat iPhone?

 It is easy and quick to enable filters on Snapchat iPhone. For that, you need to 
Step 1: Go to your Home screen and open Snapchat.

Step 2: Tap on the ghost icon in the lower right corner.
Step 3: Swipe left, and you will see all the filter options on your screen. 
 Step 4: Tap on any filter, and it will be activated.

Can I apply a filter to a picture I took from my phone’s original camera? 

Yes, you can apply a filter to the images taken from your original camera. For that, you need to 
Step 1: Go to your Snapchat application.
Step 2: Tap on the Memories. When the memory page opens, you will see the Camera Roll option. Swipe right to it.
Step 3: Select the photo you want to apply the filter. 
Step 4: Swipe up to open the menu once the photo is opened.  Select the edit option, and all the Snapchat tools will appear on the right.
Step 5: Look for the magnifying glass in the tools and tap it. This will open the filter page.
Step 6: Select your favorite filter and apply it to the picture.
Note: To apply effects, you must follow the same procedure until step 2. Swipe left or right to add an effect on the selected camera roll image.

Can I use Snapchat without signing up or logging in to my account?

No, you cannot. The first part of the procedure to use Snapchat is to show your authentication by signing up with the application.
You must add your demographics and email to start the app. If you already have an account and are logged out, you will not be able to access the application unless you sign in again.

Can I use Snapchat just for filters?

The Snapchat application allows the user to take as many photos and make videos as they want. You can add filters and effects depending on your personal preference as per their mood and use them according to your will. 
Snapchat allows its user the autonomy to use the app to send, receive, chat, save, and post their pictures and videos. That means it is a Yes for the query whether or not you can use it just for filters.

Hide the Snapchat Filter

Some people do not like to be judged on their choices and keep their things secretive as much as possible. In this guide, we have shared the method – How do you hide the filter you used on Snapchat ? 

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