How Do You Permanently Delete PS4 Messages?

Do you want to delete unwanted messages from your PS4? Are you looking for the answer to How Do You Permanently Delete PS4 Messages? We have your back, so you can stop worrying about the sea of messages on your PS4 inbox. Let us teach you how to carry out the process.

Steps to Permanently Delete PS4 Messages?

The pile of messages on the PS4 app can cause a disturbance in the performance of the player. It is not difficult if you are a PS4 player and want to get rid of messages about new updates, game news, and new games. It is always better to clean sweep your PS4 inbox, even if you are chatting with other players. 

But before all of it, you might be interested to know whether you can delete the messages on PS4 or not. Unfortunately, there is no well-defined way that you can follow to delete your PS4 Messages permanently. Long story short, permanently deleting your messages on PS4 is not possible. However, removing it from your screen is possible. 

The removing option for messages seems quite promising because you can always get back to your messages anytime. Let’s get straight into the steps: How Do You Permanently Delete or remove PS4 Messages?

  • Step 1- Go to the Messages

Browse the page of PS4 and log in to your PS4 account. After logging in, open the messages of your PS4 by tapping on the messages icon at the top of the PS4 home screen. 

  • Step 2- Select Chat

Now that you have entered the messages, choose the chat or chats you no longer need and want to remove from your inbox. Enter the chat. 

  • Step 3- Open Options Menu

Now take your PS4 controller in your hands and hit the button “Options” from the controller. The options menu will appear on the screen. 

  • Step 4- Hit Leave

The right pane menu will show you the option of “Leave .”Tap or click on this option to remove the chat from your PS4 screen. 

You have successfully removed the message from your PS4. You can apply the same method to remove further chats on your PS4 inbox. 


How to delete PS4 Messages without leaving?

There is no other method to delete your chats or messages from PS4 without hitting the leave option. No matter how many conversations you may want to delete, you always have to choose the option of leaving while deleting the chat. Although the discussion is not deleted, it only gets removed from the home screen.

How to recover deleted messages on PS4?

The PlayStation servers do not delete your messages altogether. If you want the deleted chat, you can get it back by messaging the same person. 

How can I see old messages on PSN?

Browse the page of PlayStation and log in with your login credentials for your PSN account. Tap on the icon of messages and open the chat menu. Scroll down through the messages and locate the old messages. 

How long do the messages on PS4 last?

The messages on PlayStation last as long as you want them to. The PlayStation of any processor does not delete the messages itself that you have sent or received over the period. Only you can delete or remove the letters. 

Does reporting someone works on PSN?

If you have got reported by someone on PlayStation, you will not get charged for anything until you have done any harm. A proper investigation goes by the staff of PlayStation, and you will be punished if you have something wrong. If the report is pointless, you do not have to worry.

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