How Do You Remove Files from Dropbox without Deleting Them?

Dropbox is the answer if you require a renowned file program accessible on various platforms. It facilitates collaboration and is an excellent alternative for document management. Files are sharable on the cloud, which also aids in comprehensive file management and access. This article includes a detailed guide on How Do You Remove Files from Dropbox without Deleting Them?

Nevertheless, there may be times when you need to remove documents from your Dropbox membership to make room on your machine. Read on to get tips.

Step-by-Step Guide On Removing Files from Dropbox without Deleting Them

Dropbox synchronizes all folders and files in your Dropbox location on your Computer automatically. If a user erases documents from their Dropbox account online, Dropbox will organize the data and erase any erased records from 

Navigate to and erase from Dropbox’s website

How Do You Remove Files from Dropbox without Deleting Them

Dropbox doesn’t provide a way for you to remove a folder from your Dropbox online while keeping the item in your local Folder location.

But, you may back up the files or folders by moving them from your Dropbox folder to a location other than the folder. Now, access your Dropbox profile and remove the documents you no longer need to create more space.

Ensure you remove the documents from your account after moving the folder or file first from the local Dropbox folder. Otherwise, Dropbox will synchronize the file and eliminate it from your local drive.

Remove documents from your storage device and save them to your Dropbox

Remove documents from your storage device and save them to your Dropbox

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to the taskbar on your computer, and right-click the Dropbox symbol.
  • Select your profile initials or photo 
  • From the options menu, choose Preference.
  • Select the Sync choice.
  • Pick the checkbox for Selective Sync.
  • Unmark the boxes next to any folders on your desktop top’s hard disk that you don’t require.
  • After you’ve selected all of the directories, hit Update.

Synchronize Using Smart Sync

Smart Sync is exclusively accessible to Dropbox Plus, Business users, and Profession. Here’s how to sync:

  • Log in to your Dropbox 
  • Choose Settings from your profile.
  • Navigate to the General section.
  • Swipe down and turn on the Dropbox system extension 
  • In the system tray, tap the Dropbox symbol.
  • Choose your Profile.
  • Navigate to Preferences, then General.
  • To allow Smart Sync, select Enable.

When you activate the Save hard drive space automatically feature, Dropbox will erase the file from your desktop’s hard drive while preserving a duplicate in your Dropbox online account.

Dropbox will only destroy documents that you haven’t accessed in some months. When deleting files from Dropbox and failing to remove them from the computer’s hard disk, copy the file and transfer it out of your local Dropbox.

Alternatively, if you wish to free up space on your local hard drive by removing Dropbox documents without deleting them from your profile, you may use the Smart or Selective Sync function.

FAQs On Removing Files from Dropbox without Deleting Them

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