How Do You Remove The Owner From A Chromebook?

There are cases when you want to remove the owner from a Chromebook. The most likely reason would be a change of ownership. If you’re planning to sell or give away your Chromebook, you would want to remove your information as the owner. We’ll show you how to do this in this article. 

Removing the Owner Entirely

The first user in the Chromebook is primarily tagged as the owner, while the succeeding ones are considered additional accounts. You can easily remove other accounts, but in the case of the owner, it needs a little more work. You will have to erase everything on your device to remove the owner. Here’s how:

  1. Turn on your Chromebook.
  2. Log in to your device.
  3. Select the clock icon on your Chromebook shelf.
  4. Click Settings or the gear icon
  5. Scroll down and select Advanced.
  6. Click Reset Settings.
  7. Next to Powerwash, select Reset.

Your hard drive will now be completely reset. Make sure you have successfully backed up your relevant information before you decide to reset your Chromebook. 

Removing Other Accounts

The account you want to remove may not necessarily be an owner account. If so, the process is much simpler:

  1. Turn on your Chromebook.
  2. Go to the sign-in screen. Find the account you want to be removed from.
  3. Find their profile name and click the Down arrow.
  4. Choose to Remove this user from the box that will come up on the screen. 

Doing so will only remove the account from the device. The Google account and its corresponding settings will remain untouched. 

FAQs On My Chromebook

Why can’t I remove an account from my Chromebook?

If you can’t remove an account, it’s either the owner’s account or you need an administrator to approve the action. 

How do I assign an administrator on my Chromebook?

In order to be a Chromebook administrator, you should have a Google Admin account to take on the role.

How many accounts is the maximum for a Chromebook?

You can have up to 19 accounts on your Chromebook.

Do I need a Google account for my Chromebook?

Yes, everything you do on your Chromebook will be tied to your Google account.

Who becomes assigned as the owner once I reset my Chromebook?

The first person who signs in after the Chromebook is reset will automatically be assigned as the owner account.

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