How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course?

Duolingo is one of the leading platforms to start learning a new language. You can select a course and start learning, all for free. But what if you took too long a break; and now having trouble catching up? Then you’d want to reset the course and start again. Don’t know how? Read below for an easy and detailed guide. This article includes a detailed guide on How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course.

If you’ve been wondering- How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course? Then this post is for you. Read on to see easy steps to How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course.

Restarting a Duolingo Course: Step-by-step Guide

Due to Duolingo’s interface, it teaches you through quizzes and short questions, almost like a game. So, people pace through the lessons and forget that they’re here to learn and not advance lessons in a rush. But later, we realize that restarting the whole language is inevitable if we truly want to learn. To do so, follow the steps below,

  • Step 1: Enter the Duolingo app and sign in to the account where you want to restart a course.
  • Step 2: Click on the three dots on the bottom right. A bottom popup will open; select “Profile.”
Click on the three dots on the bottom right
  • Step 3: Now, click on the gear icon on the top-right part of the page; it will take you to settings. 
click on the gear icon on the top-right part of the page it will take you to settings
  • Step 4: Scroll slightly and below the “Sign Out” button, you’ll see the “General” settings segment, tap on “Manage Courses” under that.
tap on Manage Courses under that
  • Step 5: A list of courses you already take will be presented. Notice that there is a “Reset” option in red font just beside the name of the course. It is to signify that this course of action cannot be undone once gone through. Hit that button if you’re sure to go through the process.
Notice that there is a Reset option in a red font just beside the name of the course
  • Step 6: A dialog box will pop up from the bottom to warn you about the loss of progress. But this is what we want; so go for “Reset” again.
But this is what we want so go for Reset again

That language will be gone from your list; you might notice some option has “Reset” and some has “Remove” with them. You’ll have to reset the course to restart learning from scratch. Have the language open on the homepage to get the “Reset” option.

Removing a course will only remove the language from your profile; the progress won’t reset, although you’ll lose the XP points attached to it. If you choose to add the course back, the progress, along with the XP score, will be reinstated. Now that you have reset the course, the next phase is to add the language back so you can restart taking the course.

  • Step 7: Hit back till you reach the homepage, then click on the flag icon on the top left. The icon will look different based on which language you’re learning.
click on the flag icon on the top left
  • Step 8: In the dropdown box, you can see a list of all the languages you are learning. You might have to swipe a bit, and on the right, you can see a plus sign, which indicates “Add course.” You’ll have to press that.
How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course
  • Step 9: A new page will appear with a long list of language courses; hover around till you find the course you’re looking for. When you see the course, touch it, and a new option will appear, asking you to “Continue” with your choice. Tap that too!
How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course

Then the language will be added; you’ll notice that all the previous progress is gone, and you’re back to basics.

In the new update, while restarting the language course, you can choose to jump-start. For that, you’ll have to take a test prescribed by Duolingo, which will evaluate your level of expertise in the language. And then it will decide which lesson or milestone will be a good fit for you to start.

In the new update while restarting the language course you can choose to jump-start

Restarting the Course in a New Account

You might not want to lose progress and reduce your total XP because that will happen if you restart a course. There is another way to go, and that is by opening a new account and practicing there. Study there till you reach the old account’s level, then swap back if you wish.

  • Step 1: Go back to “Settings” and tap on “Sign Out.”
How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course
  • Step 2: You’ll be signed out of your previous account, and on the new page, you can see the option to “Add another account.” Select that to open a new account.
How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course
  • Step 3: If you already have a backup account, you can add that with the “Sign In” option, then you will be able to use both profiles on the same device. If you don’t, no worries; you can open one right now. Just hit “Get Started.”
How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course
  • Step 4: And let Duo guide you the rest of the way. Follow the instruction that’ll pop up on the screen. Finally, select the language you wish to learn and start your journey!
How Do You Restart A Duolingo Course

FAQs On Duolingo Course

Can I retake a lesson in Duolingo?

Yes. The aim is to help you learn a language, not just pass tests. If you feel your knowledge in any segment is lacking or want more stars, you can retake that particular lesson. Just tap on the lesson you wish to start over, and the tutorial will resume in a shuffle.

 Is there any course limit in Duolingo?

Nope. Duolingo offers more than 100 courses in many base languages from all over the world. And you can choose any language you wish to learn. There is no cap on how many courses you can take with your account. You can also simultaneously take several language courses.

Should I upgrade to Super Duolingo?

 It is unnecessary; even with the free version, you can tap into all the learning features. The extra benefits that super Duolingo brings to the table are – ad-free learning, the chance to repair a monthly streak if missed, unlimited hearts for trying out exercises, personalized feedback for mistakes, etc.

What happens if I skip a day in Duolingo?

You will lose your streak if you miss a day in Duolingo. You can equip a streak freeze to prevent losing a streak. But if you do end up losing it, the count will reset and start from day 1. While the benefit of having an ongoing streak is getting bonus lingots, etc.; however, the main reason is motivation. People tend to carry on with something if it means preserving or perfecting a certain practice.

Final Remarks

With Duolingo, you do not have to worry about matching the pace of class or the judgmental looks if you get anything wrong. In case you face difficulty in grasping the language? Or the previous progress wasn’t yours? Start again! Follow the steps we described, and you’re all good.

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