How Do You Retake on Potter more?

Everyone might have a Hogwarts house they feel they belong in or want to belong in. But you don’t know where you belong. The sorting hat quiz helps you find out which Hogwarts house you belong to. 

The quiz asks you questions that will determine your Hogwarts House according to your personality. The Sorting hat quiz is one of the most popular and accurate quizzes on Pottermore or the Wizarding World.

Most of the time, we take the quiz and aren’t satisfied with the results; we might have a different house we want to get in. Many people are curious about how you can retake Pottermore. So, in this article, we will take you through if it is possible to retake Pottermore and how you can do it.

Is it possible to Retake the Sorting Hat Quiz?

Yes, it is possible to retake the sorting hat quiz on Pottermore, but you can only take the quiz twice. Go to the Wizarding World Website and Sorting Quiz to retake the quiz. You can then retake the quiz and switch to a new house based on the quiz results. You will have an option to switch to a new house or stick to the old one, but the App will show your new identity based on the new quiz even if you stick to your old house. 

After that, you can take the quiz, but you can’t switch houses on Pottermore. So, we always recommend being careful while taking the quiz for the first time. 

How to delete your account on Pottermore?

Another option for you to retake the Sorting Hat Quiz on Pottermore is to delete your account and create a new account. Initially, before the Pottermore website changed to Wizarding World, the only way to retake the quiz was by creating a new account. But now, it lets you retake the quiz and change your house once. Pottermore does this to make the quiz as accurate as it can get. It disallows users to retake the quiz until they enter the house they want to be in. 

Here is how you can delete your account on Pottermore.

  1. Open the Wizarding World Website.
  2. Click on Hogwarts Sorting from the main menu.
Click on Hogwarts Sorting from the main menu.
  1. Tap on the Settings icon in the top right corner.
  2. Scroll down and Tap on Delete your Account.
Tap on the Settings icon in the top right corner.
  1. Enter your login credentials and click on Delete Account.
Enter your login credentials and click on Delete Account.


How accurate is the Sorting Hat Quiz?

Most people claim that the Sorting Hat Quiz is mostly accurate. Still, there are concerns over the actors in the Harry Potter taking the quiz and getting a different result than the house they were initially sorted into. There are claims that the Sorting hat quiz has made a couple of mistakes by sorting some people into their Hogwarts houses. But J.K Rowling claims that the quiz is never wrong. But after you take the quiz, you grow with time and change, so the quiz is not accurate in the long run.

Can you still make potions on Pottermore?

No, you can’t make potions on Pottermore anymore. After 2015, the Potions minigame was disabled on Pottermore. During the big site revamp, the potion minigame had disappeared; still, there is no clue if the Potions will return to Pottermore.
Potions were magical mixtures brewed in cauldrons used to create medicine, a lethal poison, or a strength enhancer for the drinker.

What is the rarest wand in Pottermore?

Elder is the rarest want in Pottermore. The wand is also trickier to master and has a powerful magic that only remains with the owner and not any other people. It is also said that owners of the elder wand mostly feel a powerful affinity with those chosen by rowan.

Can I change my house in Wizarding World?

When the Pottermore website was changed to the Wizarding World app, it allowed users to retake the sorting hat quiz. When you take the quiz, the app will enable you to stick to your old house or switch to a newly sorted one. It is the only time you can change your house. But if you get sorted into the same house, you can’t change your house on Pottermore.

How do you become a Hufflepuff on Pottermore?

There is no specific way you can become Hufflepuff on Pottermore, but there are certain traits associated with Hufflepuff. Although they are loyal and aren’t afraid of toil, here are other ways to become Hufflepuff on Pottermore.
Hufflepuffs aren’t always pushovers.
– You can be brave and be a Hufflepuff.
– You can be brave and be a Hufflepuff.
– Hufflepuffs aren’t bland.
– Hufflepuffs can be just as intelligent as the other houses.

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