How Do You Save A WeSing Video To Your Phone?

Most of you who enjoy singing and karaoke are pretty familiar with nothing but an app called WeSing. This app enables customers to sing individually or in duets with others.WeSing is one of the karaoke application stores on Android phones, with over 50 million downloads. Continue reading if you wish to know how you save a WeSing video to your phone. The procedure is simple; simple. Let’s jump into the process.

Install The Application To Save A weSing Video To Your Phone.

You can install it from the google play store. It will take 3-4 minutes to install this application based on your network speed. The app is depicted in the image below.

How Do You Save A WeSing Video To Your Phone?

Sign Up or Register For an Account to Save WeSing Video on Your Phone.

However, by downloading the app, you will find four registration choices. You may sign up with your Facebook account, cell phone number, Google account, or Twitter account. We recommend that you create your account using Google.

sign up or register for WeSing

Choose Song from WeSing 

Now, you’ll see your profile. Tap on the “Browse” option in the downright corner of the screen. Here, you’ll see three options; Follow, Popular, and nearby. You can tap on the option from where you want to download the video.

Choose Song from WeSing 

Copy Link 

Once choosing the video, you’ll see the three dots on the top left corner of the video. Tap on these three dots to get the link to the video.

Copy Video Link 

Now, you’ll see three options; share, send gifts, and download. Tap on the share option.

Tap on the share option

You’ll see various sharing options and a copy link. Tap on the copy link and close the app. You can paste it from where you want to download it. 

Tap on the copy link

Download the Song To Save WeSing Video On Phone

After copying the link, close your WeSing app and head towards google or chrome. Search for and look for the WeSing downloader. You may also use the WeSing link. It will take you to the download page.

Download the Song

When you find a search bar of “WeSing save mp4″ with two options. Press the “paste from clipboard” option to paste the link you copied from your WeSing application. 

WeSing save mp4

After pasting the video link, you want to download, press the download button to proceed further, as shown in the picture below. 

After pasting the video link

Once you download the video you’ll see a preview of your video. Press the green button to start the download. 

Press the green button to start the download.

You’ll get a notification that your video is downloading when you press the green button. You can see the download by tapping on the notification. 

as shown in the picture below. 

Once the video is downloaded, you can see it in the video section of your gallery.

as shown in the picture below. 
 you can download a WeSing video to your phone


What source is used to download the WeSing app?

You can download it from the play store for androids and the App Store for the iPhones. 

How do you have more music excess?

WeSing adopted different ways to introduce more innovative music to the users.

Why is microphone feedback delayed?

The feedback on the mic may be delayed based on the system and setup you used.

Why is my WeSing app not able to find my console?

The reason is that your mobile and the console are not connected.

Why does the music video not match the song?

Most HDTVs have a latency between visual and audio, which you may compensate for by simply adjusting the ‘HDTV Latency’ preset in the gameplay settings.


After reading this article, you’ll be able to have detailed information on how you save a WeSing video to your phone. Don’t skip these steps if you want to download the video. However, you can use this downloader to save the video format only. If you have a video with a picture and the song, it will not download that video.

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