How Do You Write A Date In 5 Letters Without Using Numbers?

A good riddle or trivia question helps to hype up a hangout almost instantly. And who doesn’t want to be the one to pose such a quiz which will get everyone’s head-scratching? Can you write a date without using any number? Doesn’t it intrigue you? The answer is in the post, Be sure to go through it all. In this article, we’ll explain How Do You Write A Date In 5 Letters Without Using Numbers.

Can you write a date with 5 letters without using any numbers?

You may have come across this puzzling question from a book, internet, or challenged by a friend. A few years back, it created a buzz on the internet from a meme template where the interviewer asks this same riddle to the Harry Potter cast. Daniel Radcliffe straight up says it’s not possible; Rupert Grint doesn’t even try and passes the question to Emma Watson, who plays the most intelligent witch’s character in the series. And to no one’s surprise, the actress answers it correctly. Can you guess what the answer is?

Answer to the Puzzle

If not, no worries. Let me lay down a few hints for you,

  • The date can be any date of the year
  • You absolutely cannot use numbers
  • The letters together make a word.

Ring any bells? I’m sure you’re close enough by now! Okay, I’m going to write the answer below, compare the solution with the result you have in mind, and see if you got it right.

So, the answer to the riddle where you can write a date without using any number but 5 letters is T-O-D-A-Y.

Cool right! If you’re still confused, let me clarify it for you. The trick to this answer is that if you have to express any date through letters, you could just choose today’s date and say the date as “Today.” The answer must feel funny, but it isn’t wrong either. Next time ask a friend and see if they can guess it correctly.

More ways to write a date with 5 letters and no numbers

The fun with a riddle is that you can always think of more than one answer, or there’s a loophole that you can use to turn the direction of the answer. You can use a similar tactic here. Not following? Here let me demonstrate,

There can be only 5 letters, so another way to express a date will be,

Format 1 : M/DD/YY

Yes, it’s a format to write a date, not a date itself. But if we look closely at the question, it seems to ask “how to write a date.” Not any specific date, so you can twist this statement to your convenience and put it in the date format. With this format, you can comfortably write dates without numbers.

However, there is a catch; following this formula, you can only write till September. This method is pretty useless from the 10th month – of October, as October requires another slot to write its month in nominal characters.

And that is not all; you can also write dates via roman numbers.

Suppose the date you chose is May 4, 2011; with roman numbers, you can put it as, 

Format 2: IV-V-XI

Using a similar loophole, you can choose any date of any year since the date isn’t specified. Even the Year One! V-VII-I, II-IX-V, get creative! You can work out as many possible combinations if you try to. If they have a date in 5 letters they want, then that’s what they are going to get.

But let’s be real, this answer isn’t very accurate concerning the source riddle, but it sure is enough to make a friend annoyed for asking you the question. Because even though these alternatives aren’t exactly right, they sure are not wrong. So, you’ll definitely have the win; you might lose a friend, however. But that’s a sacrifice a victor should be willing to make.  

FAQs On Date Formats

What’s the best app for riddles?

Based on categories, you can find many. “Brain up” is bound to come among the top because of its visually pleasing graphics and animations; this app is quite popular among all age groups. “Just Riddles” is another brilliant app with a simple interface that will definitely challenge you. You can find a great collection of who/what am I riddles in “What Am I?” and math riddles in “Math.”

What date format should we use?

Despite the riddle, the most acceptable format of writing date is – DD/MM/YYYY with a leading zero. You can also structure it as MM/DD/YYYY with a leading zero. M/D/YYYY without leading zero is another way to go about it. But the international standard is the format mentioned first. Leading zero is when you write the date with 02 and not only 2.

When did year one start?

Year 1 is considered to have started with the birth of Jesus. That’s when the era of Anno Domini started, which was immediately followed by 1 BC, denoting “Before Christ.” AD also goes by AC in many areas, simply meaning “After Christ.”

How many ways can you write a date?

Numerous; suppose the date we want to write is 04-07-2022. We can write it as “4th of July, 2022,” “July 4, 2022,” “July Fourth, Twenty-Twenty two,” “2022 July 4,” “04/07/2022,” etc. you can also use the abbreviation to express a month, Sept for September, Jan for January, and so on. 

Final Remark

Riddles are a great way to engage with a knowledgeable crowd, and who doesn’t admire a good riddle? If you were stuck in this riddle for a while, hopefully, we helped you get out of it. Never let the spirit of challenging yourself die. Au revoir, soldier!

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