How Long Does It Take Twitter to Unlock your Account for Age?

Like any other platform, Twitter has terms and services that all its users must follow. Any violations of their terms and policy can lead to suspension and locking your account, preventing you from accessing it altogether. Such violation of terms policy is using the platform when you are underage. If found violating the terms, your account will be locked.

How to Unlock a Twitter Account Restricted for Age?

Twitter has a policy restricting all persons under 13 from owning an account. When found violating the policy, the platform must suspend your account until you meet the minimum age requirement. If your account was restricted because of age limits, different things change after it is restored. Some removed information includes tweets, likes, and direct messages sent and received before the age requirement.

To unlock the restricted account, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Help Center for Twitter.
  2. Navigate to the Locked and Suspend account issues option.
Navigate to the Locked and Suspend account. Unlock the restricted account

3. You must be logged in to the suspended account to submit the request.

Appeal. How Long Does It Take Twitter To Unlock Your Account For Age

4. Select the necessary options that fit your issue to unlock your account.

Choosing the option that indicates you created your account before attaining the age limit is not recommended. Choosing that option will lead to the platform deleting your tweets, likes, and direct messages. You can indicate that you entered the birth details incorrectly, leading to a faster case resolution.

Before your account is unlocked, you have to fill out a form and upload an ID confirming you are of the right age as required. 

The time it takes to unlock a restricted Twitter account due to age issues may vary depending on the intensity of the matter. If your account is eligible for unlocking, the processes will take up to 72 hours, and Twitter will notify you through an email when the account is ready for use.

What Should You Do When You Don’t Get a Reply from Twitter Support?

As indicated, when Twitter finds your concern about account locking eligible, it takes a maximum of 72 hours to get the issue sorted. But in many cases, many users have only found automatically generated emails, resulting in no responses for months. 

When such a scenario happens, you can only keep trying your chances. You can use different emails when sending the appeal forms or wait a few days before raising the appeal. Moreover, it is good to use the same email address to enable the creation of a new case number and ensure your reasons for the suspension of the account did not violate the Twitter terms and policies.

Frequently Asked Questions on Twitter Account

How Long Does It Take to Unlock your Account for Age?

The time it takes to solve locked account issues depends on the account’s eligibility. If the account is eligible to be unlocked, it will take between 24 and 72 hours to get it unlocked and functioning. However, many users find it hard to get their accounts unlocked which can take several months. 

Why Can’t I Proceed with Restoring My Suspended Twitter Account?

When your Twitter account is suspended and found eligible to be restored, Twitter gives you a grace period. After the grace period of thirty days, it limits you from ever gaining access to your account. Therefore, to avoid the ability to regain access to your account, you must proceed with the process of restoring it before the end of thirty days.

Will My Information After Restoring an Account Restricted Because of Age?

 Unfortunately, if your account was closed because of age issues, and now you have attained the required age, you will not have access to some of the information you had. Data like direct messages you received or sent while under age, likes and tweets will be deleted. 

Does Twitter Have an Age Limit to Have an Account?

Yes, Twitter requires all its users to have at least 13 years. Anyone under the age limit will not be allowed to access the platform unless they use the Id of their parents or older siblings. However, note that using someone’s ID to create your profile is not recommended.

My Account Has Not Been Restored After Trying for Months. What is the Problem?

 A few Twitter users are lucky to resolve account issues once they are locked. You’re taking long because you are getting generated emails, meaning no support staff has handled your case. It would be best if you kept trying texting them.

How Long Does It Take Twitter to Unlock your Account for Age?

Twitter has restricted users under 13 from creating accounts with them. If you violate the policy and are found guilty, they suspend your account. How Long Does It Take Twitter to Unlock your Account for Age? If you wish to solve the issue, it is hard to get your account unlocked when you are guilty of violating their terms. However, within 72 hours, you can have the issue sorted when you are eligible to have your account unlocked.

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