How Many USB Ports on Ps4?

PlayStation 4 never disappoints as a gaming console. It has plenty of features that any gamer loves and appreciates, except for the number of USB ports it has. You can execute different activities, and it’s no surprise that many people are curious to know about it. This guide explains it thoroughly and gives the difference in the ports. So, stick around, and let’s dive in!

How Many USB Ports on Ps4

Find the Number of USB Ports on Ps4

Ps4 works the same as Ps3 and Ps2 in the number of ports that it has. There are only two ports in a Ps4, and they are located in the front part of the console to make it easier for gamers to connect their controllers. 

If you have the standard Ps4, your two ports are 3.0. However, if you are using the Pro version, the ports are USB 3.1. Even though the two sound almost the same, there is a difference in their features. USB 3.0 has a transfer rate of 5GBps, making it a faster transfer port, but not faster than USB 3.1, which has a max transfer rate of 10GBps.

How Many USB Ports on Ps4

Moreover, the USB ports are bi-directional, meaning they simultaneously support the upload and download of data. This feature allows you to upload files on your Ps4 while downloading other files.

The good thing is that when connected devices are inactive, they are put in sleep mode. That way, they avoid unnecessary power consumption. Some users have raised concerns over the number of USB ports saying they are insufficient and would prefer if they had more ports.

The bad news is you don’t have a way of increasing the number of ports, but someone using the Ps4 pro version can get three ports instead of the two in the standard Ps4 version. Nonetheless, you now understand how many ports our Ps4 has and their differences.

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FAQs On Connecting USB Devices to ps4

What USB Devices are Supported by Ps4?

A couple of devices are supported by the Ps4 USB ports. They include; controllers that directly connect to the Ps4 via the USB ports; when you use them wirelessly, you can charge your controllers. Other devices include USB hubs, external storage devices like backup drives, and other add-ons like a mouse, keyboard, and headsets.

Can I Add More USB Ports to My Ps4?

No, you can’t. Unfortunately, the number of USB ports that comes with your Ps4 is final. If you are using the standard Ps4 version, expect only to have two ports and stick to using them. On the other hand, if you are planning to get the Pro version of the Ps4, there are chances that you can get one that has three ports. The bottom line is that you can increment the number of USB ports on your Ps4.

Can A USB Hub Help in Adding More Ports to My Ps4?

While a USB hub is designed to help increase the number of available ports, it may be ineffective in the case of Ps4. Many times, the ports in the USB hub won’t allow you to connect devices like the VR to your console. Moreover, if you use the USB hub when connecting things like external drives, the console will recognize them as backup storage instead of what they are.

Are There Any Ports on the Back Side of Ps4?

No, all the USB ports are only available on the front side of the Ps4. The ports are designed to ensure comfort and ease of use for gamers to easily connect controllers when using the Ps4 easily.

Do Ps4 Pro and Standard Have the Same USB Ports?

No, they don’t. The USB ports on the standard Ps4 are version 3.0, and their transfer speed is 5GBps. On the other hand, those on the pro Ps4 are version 3.1, and their transfer speed is 10GBps. However, the ports in both Ps4 are bi-directional, implying that they can send and receive data simultaneously. 

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