How Many Violations to Get Banned on Instagram?

Instagram is a leading platform with millions of daily users. Creating an Instagram account is free, a privilege extended to you by Instagram. The problem arises when you fail to adhere to the platform’s Terms and Conditions or the Community Guidelines. You risk your account getting banned when that happens, which could be unfortunate. This guide covers scenarios that can make your account get banned. You will learn how many violations turn into getting banned on Instagram. Let’s get started!

What Violations Cause Instagram Account to Be Banned?

The question that people ask is, why did Instagram ban my account? What violations did I make? One fact is that Instagram can’t randomly decide to ban your account. Again, in most cases, even after violating their rules, your account can’t get banned with the first scenario. Instagram gives users room to evade their accounts’ ban, which is why they first issue warnings before banning your account.

Therefore, you will receive various warnings, and after you fail to rectify or repeat the violation, Instagram decides to ban your account. Also, no specific number of violations will cause your account to get violated. Instead, each reported case gets treated as one offense. 

However, Instagram doesn’t count the number of violations that can cause your account to get banned. Instead, it issues warnings, and based on the offense, they hold the right to ban an account as per their wish.

So, what are the obvious scenarios that can lead to your Instagram account getting banned?

Breaking Instagram Laws

Yes, you heard that right. Instagram has laws that each account, personal or business, must adhere to. The laws include not posting scams, content that supports terrorism, hate groups, illegal drugs, and sexual or nudity content. Instagram is keen on these laws, and when your account gets reported for breaking these laws, you get issued a warning.

Further, Instagram’s algorithm can automatically check accounts that violate these laws and issue them warnings. However, your account won’t get banned after the first warning, but it’s good to proceed with caution.

Got A Banned Account for Violations On Instagram Copyright Issues

Do you habitually post other people’s intellectual property without their consent? That’s a violation of their intellectual property, and such an offense can quickly escalate the situation and get your account banned immediately. It’s that serious. So, before posting someone’s picture, seek their consent to stay on the safe side.

Using Bots To Grow

Instagram is against using bots to grow an account. If they notice your account exceeds the daily limits in the number of likes and new followers, they flag it and issue a warning. Therefore, avoid using bots if you don’t want your account to get banned.

Uploading Inappropriate Content

What content are you posting? The community guidelines outline the inappropriate content that risks your account getting banned if posted. Uploading pictures, videos, and other digital content that display nudity, pornographic content, and violence will automatically cause your account to be banned.

Violations By Using Banned Hashtags On Instagram

There is no official list that outlines the banned hashtags. However, these prohibited hashtags mainly advocate for pornography, violence, drugs, and other illegal activities. Associating your account with such hashtags jeopardizes it. Besides, Instagram flags the use of bots with the banned hashtags. So, avoid them. 

Better yet, take time to research the hashtag you plan to use. If you search it on Instagram and it comes up with no questionable images, you can use it. 


How Many Warnings Does Instagram Give Before Banning an Account?

There is no specific number. Instead, Instagram weighs the rule violated and makes a decision out of that. If you violate serious rules, like intellectual property, your account can’t get banned instantly. Other minor violations attract a few warnings, and repeating the same mistake increases the chances of getting your account banned.

Why Did Instagram Ban My Account?

Instagram banned your account since you violated its terms and conditions or went against its community guidelines. It could be you posted inappropriate content, used bots to grow your account, violated intellectual property rights, or posted banned hashtags. 

Can I Recover a Banned Instagram Account?

Yes, you can. However, you are not guaranteed to recover it, and the process takes time. Nonetheless, you can visit the Instagram help center and request them to investigate your account. You will be required to verify your account and its activities, and if lucky, Instagram will recover your account.

How Long Is My Instagram Account Banned?

That depends on the offense you committed to getting banned. The ban period could be hours or weeks; in some extreme cases, your account can be permanently banned. You will get an email specifying how long your Instagram account has been banned.

Is It Possible to Get Unbanned on Instagram?

Yes, it’s possible. Some people have appealed to Instagram and successfully managed to get their accounts unbanned. But it depends on what you did to get banned in the first place. If it’s a minor issue, Instagram can inspect your account and decide to unban it. 


Getting your Instagram account banned is unfortunate. It takes time and effort to grow an Instagram account, so ensuring you abide by the community guidelines and Instagram’s Terms is safer. This guide covered the various reasons why your Instagram account risk getting banned. Why risk it, yet you can stay on the safe side?

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