How Much Are Color Copies At FedEx Kinkos?

FedEx is among the several big brands that immediately comes to mind when considering printing options. It stands to reason that this company’s name is well-known. FedEx, also known as Federal Express, is an American business that works in many sectors to provide public services. But how about the pricing and the standard of the prints they create? Let’s dig more into this. This article will guide you on How Much Are Color Copies At FedEx Kinkos?

About FedEx

FedEx, formerly known as Federal Express Corporation, began as a shipping business that served its customers by sending parcels. Since then, they have flourished and now offer a range of additional services to customers besides parcel deliveries. By providing the top customer service and developing solutions that the public needs, they hope to build an interconnected world. Corporations like FedEx make it significantly easier to complete tasks in our ever-changing world.

Creating Copies at FedEx

You can choose to have customized copies of your papers made at the FedEx Office in color or black and white. Try to visit the FedEx Office location closest to you if you cannot locate centers that can provide you with the best services for your copying requirements. 

When you arrive at the store, you can ask a staff person to assist you, and they’ll be pleased to do so, or you may use the self-service desktop to guide you. The FedEx Office offers high-quality color copies which can be tailored for image quality and color options. Customers can utilize one or more color printers from the firm on a first-come, first-served premise.

Price of FedEx Color Copies

The price of color copies at the FedEx Office, previously called Kinkos, depends on how big the print session is. Generally, the regular price can range from 80 to 90 cents per page. Discounts are applied based on the number of copies required and any specialized company pricing.

Small format copies (Single and multiple pages)

It involves creating a copy of the documents on one or both sides.

  • It costs 49 cents per page for the preferred size of 11″ x 17“.

Large-format copies

It involves copying the document in large format.

  • Anything larger than 11″ x 17” with the recommended size:
  • Three square feet or less than 3 square feet cost $5.99.
  • More than 3 square feet cost $9.99.

FedEx Printing and Copying Services

Customers of FedEx Office can choose from a variety of printing services, such as:

  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Architectural prints
  • Flyers
  • Calendars
  • Announcement cards
  • Photo

These are merely a few of the offered services. To learn more about the items that are offered, go to the FedEx Printing and Copying Services page.

Professional Support at FedEx Office

Many staff members at FedEx Office are ready to guide you if you are struggling and having trouble deciding how you prefer your finished work to appear. Contact your nearest FedEx Office location and ask an experienced consultant to support you across all your demands.

FAQs On Color Copies At FedEx Kinkos

What is the price for color printing?

Printing in color generally costs more than printing in black and white, though this will vary depending on the printer and the volume of ink used.

Can You print at FedEx using your paper?

Yes, FedEx will let you print on your paper. You must carry the paper to the FedEx site and request that the employees print on it.

Is printing documents at FedEx secure?

It is secure to print papers at FedEx. FedEx utilizes reliable printing techniques to prevent theft or modification of your papers.

Does Walgreens create labels for FedEx?

Authorized online retailers will provide you with a FedEx return label upon request. When you ask the retailer for a return label, they will provide you with a QR code. A Walgreens employee will print the tag for you if you carry your email with the QR code at the office.

Why didn’t Kinkos succeed?

Kinkos, similar to most other big chains, was incapable of adapting to the evolving business and technological environment. Kinkos could not survive when digital printing and copy shops rose to popularity in the early 2000s. The company’s strategy to prioritize big purchases over small ones also contributed to its failure.

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