How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Ps4?

Pawn shops are a popular way to sell your items. You can find pawn shops in most towns across the country, but they all have their own unique policies and procedures. If you want to go to a pawn shop to pawn your ps4, you might find yourself in the wrong position. In this article, we’ll explore how much pawn shops pay for ps4s.

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What Pawn Shops Pay For Ps4?

It’s important to note that not all pawn shops will pay the same amount for your Ps4. In fact, some pawn shops are more willing than others to pay you more if you have a certain model or game. 

For example, if you’re selling an older model of Ps4 and the console has been repaired by another company (like GameStop), then there may be some extra fees involved in its sale.

  • If your Ps4 is missing certain parts or broken in some way and it’s still working properly, then there might be additional costs associated with making it sellable at a pawn shop. 
  • The average price for a PS4 at a pawn shop is $236.21. At the moment, you can buy a new PS4 for $329.99. On average, people borrow $156.96.
  • This could mean paying extra money for shipping or even purchasing new parts from their supplier before they can sell it off at an auction/pawn shop!


How much can I get for my PlayStation 4 if I sell it?

Depending on the model, condition, and amount of storage space, you could get anywhere from $1.00 to $220.00.

What should I do with my PS4 before I sell it?

 Please go to your account and sign in. Go to the menu called “Settings.”

1. Choose Initialization, then PS4 Initialization. Choose “Initialize PS4” and then “Full” on the next screen to do a full factory reset. 
2. Select Full, and then click Initialize.
3. Choose “Yes” to confirm your choice.

Can you pawn PS4 games?

How much less do most pawn shops pay for PS4 games than GameStop? There isn’t much difference between the two. In any case, there won’t be much money to be made from the game. Each game’s price at Gamestop is already set.

Is getting a PS4 worth it in 2022?

Unfortunately, it’s limited to 1080p, and you’ll need a PS4 Pro or PS5 to play in ultra-high quality. Even getting the Slim is hard, and Amazon sellers are jacking up the price by almost doubling the MSRP. So, the only reason to buy a PS4 in 2022 is if a PS4 Pro is on sale for a good price.

How much can you sell a PS5 for?

PS5 resale values have fallen in recent months. During Cyber Weekend 2020, people were selling copies of PS5 discs for as much as $1,000. As of this month, the average price of the console is $715.


Pawn shops are a great way to find used gaming equipment, but it’s important to know what they will pay for them. By knowing how much your local pawn shop pays for ps4s, you won’t have any surprises when you arrive with your purchase in hand!

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