How Much Is The Xbox 360 Worth Now?

The Xbox 360 is undoubtedly a priced asset for game lovers, and it is not surprising to know that people can invest massive amounts of capital in owning a set. Knowing its worth now is essential for potential buyers and owners who want to sell theirs. In this article, we’ll show you How Much Is The Xbox 360 Worth Now.

What Does the Xbox 360 Worth?

It is not easy to generalize the Xbox 360’s worth because there are different models of the gaming console with varying market worth. You may find the same models of the Xbox 360 priced at unequal values due to some factors that impact their efficiency. These factors include their working condition, packaging, hard drive size, the seller, etc.

Models of Xbox 360

There are four different models of this gaming console released by Microsoft, namely;

  • The Xbox 360.
  • The Xbox 360 Elite.
  • The Xbox 360 Slim.
  • The Xbox 360 E.

Each of these models has different configurations and rates.

In most cases, the retail price of a used Xbox 360 console, the first release, ranges from $20 to $120. But it can be worth more if it is in excellent condition or with some additional privileges and accessories. Also, you can get an Xbox for less than $20 if it does not come with the essential accessories. For instance, an Xbox 360 without a controller, box, and cables can go for $15.

In addition, a sealed, limited edition Xbox 360 with near-new quality may be valued up to $500 or more. However, the prices of each model of the Xbox 360 console may change with time – they are not constant.

Worth Overview of Xbox 360

  • Used Xbox 360 ranges average between $20 and $120.
  • The refurbished console ranges between $30 and $150.
  • Clean and sealed will cost about $200 and more.

What is the Worth of Xbox 360 Elite?

The Xbox 360 Elite, released with a 120GB hard drive, is an upgrade to the Xbox 360 console that runs out of space fast, giving gamers a tough battle to contend.

A used Xbox 360 Elite is worth an average of $20 to $140, depending on its configuration, level of maintenance, and the components that come with it – the cables, controllers, manuals, etc.

On the other hand, a clean Xbox 360 Elite may be worth $500 or more, but it still depends on its working condition and configurations. For instance, you can get an Xbox 360 Elite with less-than-average gaming configuration for $200+.

Worth Overview of Xbox 360 Elite

Below is the overview of what the Xbox 360 Elite is worth. Note that better working conditions will demand a higher price.

  • The $20 – $140 price range for a used console.
  • A minimum of $50 if refurbished, but it can be worth much more.
  • A sealed console with average configurations is worth $300+ and 500+ for a higher gaming configuration.

What is Worth of the Xbox 360 Slim?

The Xbox 360 Elite did not take long to become not good enough with the introduction of the Slim mode in 2010. Though it didn’t record too many sales after its introduction, it was still popular among gamers and is still valuable today.

The Xbox 360 Slim is slimmer and smaller than the original Xbox 360; it is also available in varying colors other than the black and white options of the older model.

A used Xbox 360 Slim may be worth as low as $35 and as much as $130; it all depends on the factors mentioned earlier: the working conditions, configurations, and accessories.

Therefore, you would expect a used Xbox 360 Slim console without the manuals, controllers, and complete accessories to be worth less. On the other hand, a sealed Xbox 360 Slim console may be worth $250 and more, depending on its neatness and gaming configurations.

Worth Overview of Xbox 360 Slim

  • $35 – $130 for used consoles. It may be worth less only if the quality has reduced very significantly.
  • Refurbished consoles may be worth $70 – $150.
  • Sealed consoles may be worth $250 or more.

What Does the Xbox 360 Slim E Worth?

The last release of the Xbox 360 family was the Xbox 360 Slim E in 2013, shortly before the Xbox one console. It is the most expensive model of the Xbox 360 family because it recorded only a few sales, and the sealed one is rare today.

Like the other models of the Xbox 360, the worth of the Xbox 360 Slim E depends on the working conditions, configuration, and whether it has the right accessories or not.

However, a used Xbox 360 Slim E will be worth $25 – $130, but a sealed one will command about $400 or more if you are lucky to find one.

Worth Overview

  • The used Xbox 360 Slim E is worth between $25 and $130.
  • A refurbished model may be worth $70 – $170.
  • A sealed piece is worth $400 or more.

Is Xbox 360 Worth Buying Now?

Yes, it is still worth buying though its last model was released almost a decade ago. It may not match the gaming experience you will get from the latest gaming consoles, but it has average quality compared to the newest consoles and is worth its low market price.

It has several games you can play online or offline, and you can watch movies and TV shows on it.

Microsoft does not manufacture this gaming console anymore, but you will find used or refurbished pieces from its lucky owners. You may also get new or fairly-new ones from retailers or online electronic stores.

Where Can I Buy Or Sell An Xbox 360?

Buying or selling an Xbox 360 console depends on your geographical location. But several online platforms can connect you to prospective buyers and sellers whether you want to sell or buy one.

Some of these online stores include BestBuy, eBay, Gamestop, etc. You can also search the internet for other video game stores if none of the options is close to you.


The Xbox 360’s worth depends on several factors like the model, configuration, working conditions, and the availability of the primary accessories. However, the average value of a working piece is less than $100.

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