How To Add More Photos To Instagram Post?

Instagram is the most popular app for creating, editing, and sharing videos, photos, and videos with friends and family in a fun-loving way. It always tries to come up with innovative ideas that keep up the popularity of this app among the people. The most popular update we have seen so far is the stories feature’s introduction, an adaptation from Snapchat. The primary purpose of these Instagram stories is sharing of photos and videos. People sometimes get confused while uploading multiple photos in a single story or post because they cannot find the multiple selection button. Although you can upload multiple photos one by one, it has disadvantages such as this process being quite time-consuming, requiring more effort like drudgery, and can count as spam. So, how to add more photos to Instagram posts easily? Well, we got your back.

After reading this article, you can upload multiple photos in a single Instagram post. Before doing anything first, we have to understand what the places are where we can upload or post single or multiple photos.

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Instagram: the pivot of photo sharing

Instagram is very popular among people due to its unique ideas of sharing photos and videos. But its territory is far beyond the basic features, as it allows you to create stories, boomerang, layout, and flurry of photos in a single post.

Every photo or video post on Instagram remains available for 24 hours, after which it automatically vanishes. The reason behind this feature is that people do not need to create high-quality content and keep it forever; instead, in this way, they constantly update their stories and post with fresh-looking and innovative content.

Furthermore, Instagram always encourages people to get creative while clicking pictures, even with the Instagram app. That’s why they have offered us many new filters that make our photos, clicks, and videos more amazing. Instagram offers many such features such as:

Instagram Reels: These are short and entertaining videos that get the user’s attention and engage them for a while. It is fun to attract people to your profile and make them stick to it.

Instagram Stories: This option is adapted from Snapchat. Every piece of content on stories lasts for 24 hours. Here you can share polls, text, GIFs, Filters, and stickers along with your photos and videos.

Disappearing DM: Disappearing DMs are the messages in which we can send photos and videos as a group or individual message.

Boomerangs: Similar to its name, this feature allows us to equip our content with fun effects such as slow motions, duo, echo, and trimming effects.

Archive Post/Stories: Instagram posts & stories vanish after every 24 hours, but this feature allows you to keep them. These are only visible to you unless you reshare them.  

As of now, we have learned a lot about Instagram and its features now. Now, let’s dive deep into the step-by-step procedure to add more photos to Instagram posts. So, what are we waiting for?

Step by Step procedure to add more photos to Instagram

After careful exploration, we have extracted a couple of methods to help you add more photos to Instagram. Let’s explore each one of them step by step:

Method 1: By adding Multiple Photos via the Instagram feed 

If you want to add more photos to Instagram, this is the most straightforward method. For this, follow the below steps:

1: Go to Instagram over your mobile and select the icon from the bottom center of your screen.

instagram add story

2: Select the “Post” option from here

instagram new post

3: At this screen, you will see the “Select Multiple” option; tap on it. If this option is missing, or you cannot find it, tap any photo and hold it for a while the multiple selections appear again.

select multiple image for instagram post

4: The “Multiple Selection” button is highlighted in blue color.

How To Add More Photos To Instagram Post?

5: Now select all your required photos to be added to the post. Here you can select/unselect or rearrange the order in which these pictures should be displayed.

6: Once you are done with the selection process, go to next by pressing the arrow sign at the top right of your screen.

next arrow for instagram post

7: You will see different filter options on this screen, which you can select as per your need.

instagram filter effect

8: You may adjust the brightness, contrast, structure, and many other settings to give a fantastic look to your image.

instagram post edit

9: Once done, tap on the arrow for next. You can repeat the editing process for every image which you want to embed in your post.

10: You can give a caption to your image on this screen, add location, and tag people.

instagram post final step

11: Now you are all set to share the post with your besties. Press the swoosh sign (right tick sign) on the top right of the screen.

instagram post publish

Method 2: By adding Multiple Photos via the Profile Page

The other way to add multiple photos in a single post is by using your profile page. For this, follow the below steps:

1: Go to Instagram and tap your profile picture at the bottom right corner of your screen.

instagram profile option

2: Select the icon

instagram profile option

3: Under the “Create” option, select “Post.”

instagram create new post

4: Now you are on the same screen as we have seen in the previous method from which we selected multiple photos. 

You can perform the above steps for creating an Instagram story with multiple photos.

instagram create new story

Method 3: By adding Multiple Photos via Instagram Layout

Instagram provides a layout option under the Instagram story section that gives us the leverage to create a picture collage in which we can share multiple photos in a single image. For creating the layout, you have to follow the below steps:

1: Go to Instagram over your mobile and select the icon from the bottom center of your screen.

How To Add More Photos To Instagram Post?

2: Choose the “Story” option from here

instagram camera

3: Now search for the “Layout” option in the middle left of the screen.

instagram story camera

4: You can find multiple layout options once you will tap it. Select your desired layout and start adding pictures.

5: Once you have selected all the photos, you can edit them as per your requirement, such as you can add text, draw, adding stickers, etc.

6: Once done, you can either save it for sharing to a later time or directly share it with close friends or on Instagram Story.


How many photos can we share at a time in a single post on Instagram?

Instagram does not allow you to share more than 10 photos in a single post. 

Can we append more photos to an existing post?

No, Instagram does not allow us to add more photos after finalizing and publishing the post.  

How many layouts are available on Instagram?

You can create 6 different collages using the layout option on Instagram.

Does the Story section allow multiple photo sharing?

Yes, you can share multiple photos on a story either by creating a collage or by just posting them individually, one after another. 

Can we mention the location in an Instagram post?

After selecting multiple photos for the Instagram post, you can mention the location; even you can tag the people of your choice. 


Instagram is a top-rated social media platform owned by Facebook. It constantly strives to offer innovative features to its customers and adding multiple photos, stories, boomerangs, and archive posts are some examples.

In this article, we have tried to provide the solution to a common problem of how to add multiple photos to Instagram. Hopefully, you will find this article engaging and full of knowledge.  

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