How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp is one of the best social media platforms offering users more features that make life interesting. Did you know you can add music to your WhatsApp status? Yes, music is a great way of making your statuses fun with awesome music accompanying them. You will learn how to do it in few easy steps.

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status in 3 Ways

Nowadays, WhatsApp users are finding better ways of making their WhatsApp status creative and making it fun to continue while online. Thus, adding music to WhatsApp status is becoming the norm to show high creativity. This guide will highlight three ways to resolve your query. Let’s get started!

Method1 : Add Music in WhatsApp Status Via the Phone Speaker

Doing it manually using the phone speaker is the most straightforward method that does not require third-party software. To use this method, follow the steps below:

  1. Open music using your preferred music player application.
  2. While the music is playing, launch the WhatsApp application
  3. Navigate to the “My Status” option and select it.
How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status

4. Press the capture button to record the background music . Stop Pressing when you are done with the music you want to upload to your status.

press the capture button

If it’s a video you want to upload to your WhatsApp status, you can record it while pressing the capture button, and it will capture the background music you started playing. You can also use the recorded background music as your WhatsApp status.

Method2 : Add Music in WhatsApp Status using a Video-editing Application

Using a video editing app, for doing music addition WhatsApp status. For this guide, we will use InShot Video Editor, a famous video editing application used by Android users. The advantage of the app is its ability to create quality videos in a short time. To use this software follow the steps below:

  1. Record the Video you want using your phone. 
  2. Visit Play Store and install InShot Video Editor.
Install InShot video editor

3. Open the application and import the video you wish to edit.

open the application

4. Choose the desired music you wish to add to the video.

choose the desired music

5. Select the desired volume of the music and other effects.

select the desired volume

6. Save the video after ensuring it has all the effects you want.

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status

7. Navigate to your WhatsApp application.

8. Go to “My Status,” select the video you edited and post it. 

InShot Video Editor is a free application; you will not be charged for using it. Moreover, the app is easy to use, allowing you to edit a video and add the music you want. If you want to edit a photo, you can make music additon and post it as your status on WhatsApp.

Method3 : Add Music in WhatsApp Status Using Youcut App

If the first two methods don’t work for you, you can try adding music using an application called Youcut. The application is free to install, and you can follow the following steps to use it.

  1. Visit the Play store and install the Youcut application.
How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status

2. Launch the application after installation.

3. Choose the video or photographs you want to add background music.

4. Select the Music icon and select the music you will add to the video.

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status

5. After selecting the music, click the Use button.

6. Edit the effects you will have on your music, like volume and other effects.

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status

7. Click the Save button after editing the video and select the quality of the video, then save.

8. Now you can go to your WhatsApp status, select your saved video and add it to your status.

The two applications discussed in this post are free to use and work the same. Depending on the one that works best for you, you can easily add music to any of your WhatsApp statuses, including photographs piled to a clip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Add Music to a WhatsApp Status?

Yes. WhatsApp users can add music to their videos and photographs using various ways. You can use the phone’s inbuilt feature explained in this post or use applications that enable you to add background music to your videos before posting them on your WhatsApp status. 

Can I send an Audio as a WhatsApp Status?

Yes. You can do so without using any third-party software if you want to send audio as your WhatsApp status. First, you need to capture the audio. Then, while the audio is playing, go to your status, long press the capture button, and the audio will get recorded as you wish. You can listen to the audio before clicking the send button.

Can I Add Photos with Music as My WhatsApp Status?

Yes. To add some music to photos, you need to pile the images into a clip and then use a third-party application to edit the status. You can use an application like Youcut or any you prefer and import the photos, then add music. Moreover, the app allows you to add more effects to make the photos more presentable.

Will I Pay for the Video-editing Apps for Adding Music?

No. You will only pay if you opt for a premium video editing application. Free editing applications come with ads, but you will not be required to pay any subscription fee. You can check for free video editing applications before installing one.

Can I Add Music to WhatsApp Status Using PC?

Yes, you can easily add music to your WhatsApp status when you have a reliable application like VideoProc Vlogger. The application is suitable for Windows and macOS and is user-friendly, meaning beginners and experts can use it without difficulties. Moreover, it has more features for making your video presentable.

Add Music to your WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp is among the best apps that offer users various features that make the app interactive. If you want to load photos as your WhatsApp status while accompanying them with some awesome music, don’t worry because this guide has presented the various ways of doing so. Moreover, the applications discussed are free and easy to use. 

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