How to Add Payment Method on Uber?

All ready to go to your friend’s birthday party? You might have already tried to order an uber ride. But it says it can’t add a new payment method at the moment. Additionally, you must have attempted alternative ways to do so, but all in vain.

At last, you ask yourself, “Why can’t I add a payment method on Uber? How to do it” well, it has several reasons, one of which is “entering your wrong credit card details.” 

Let’s find out more related to this question. Why does it happen, and what can be done to avoid it?

Reasons for Failure to Add payment method on Uber

Before the activation of your Uber account, you are required to add a payment method. Although many people end up putting the wrong credit card details, this can create an issue, and Uber won’t approve this.

Below are some possible reasons for the issue:

  1. Your Uber account is still under the verification process and is not available to use.
  2. Your bank doesn’t allow international transactions.
  3. Your credit card company has restricted your card from transactions.
  4. Your Uber app is crashing or might need to be updated. 

What Can Be Done to Resolve the Uber Payment Method Issue?

If you are facing a problem with your Uber payment method. It is wise to follow these steps to make sure there isn’t an issue linked with the app:

  1. Uninstall the app and reinstall it from Playstore/App store. It will ensure that you are using the latest version of Uber.
  2. Open your play store or App store to check if the app requires an update. If it does, update your app to the latest version.
  3. If the above tips don’t work out, try logging into your account from a different device to see if your device is faulty.
  4. Remove the previous payment method and add a new one. Clear the charge. 
  5. If you still seem to fail to add a new payment method, reach out to the Uber customer support team and let them know about your issue.

Adding Payment Method to Uber Using a Smartphone

Here’s how you can add a payment method on Uber through your smartphone:

  1. Open your Uber app and tap “Account” at the bottom right of your screen.
Open your Uber app and tap Account at the bottom right of your screen.
  1. You will see an interface similar to the picture. Now press “Wallet.”
You will see an interface similar to the picture. Now press Wallet.
  1. Under payment methods, select “Add Payment Method.”
Under payment methods select Add Payment Method
  1. You will be given a few options like cash, Credit, Debit Card, gift voucher, etc. choose your preferred payment method.
 select your preferred payment method
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the required boxes. For instance, If you want to add a credit or debit card, you will provide your card details. Once you are done, you can press “Add Card.”
Follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the required boxes

Adding Payment Method on Uber on a PC

  1. Access from your desktop browser. Log in to your account by clicking “Log in” on the top right corner of your screen.
Access from your desktop browser.
  1. Now choose “sign in to ride.” Enter your phone number or email address and click “Next” to log in to your account.
Now choose sign in to ride.
Now choose sign in to ride.
  1. You will land on a booking page. Now click “Your name” at the top right corner of your screen next to “Help.” A pop-up with five options will appear. Select “Wallet.”
You will land on a booking page.
  1. Once you access the “Uber Wallet” page, you will see “Payment Methods” under “Cash.”
Once you access the Uber Wallet page you will see Payment Methods” under Cash
  1. Scroll down and click “Add Payment Method.”
Scroll down and click Add Payment Method
  1. Now you will be given a few options to choose from. Select your preferred mode of payment. For instance, “Credit or debit card.”
Now you will be given a few options to choose from
  1. The next screen will ask you about your card. Fill in the required boxes and click “Add Card.”
The next screen will ask you about your card

FAQs on Uber

Why won’t Uber let me add a payment method?

There are several reasons for the Uber payment method issue. They can be incorrect card details. Your account is under verification, or the app is crashing. You can try updating or reinstalling the app from the Play store/App store. If the issue persists, send an email to the uber customer support team and ask for a resolution of your issue.

What does Uber mean by payment method unavailable?

If your payment method declines a charge from uber, you might get disabled from requesting rides. Uber will ask you to charge an outstanding balance to a different payment method. Try adding a new payment method and charge the balance.

Why does my Uber keep saying error?

If your app keeps showing “error,” you can try a few ways to function your app. Restart your app, reset the network setting and reinstall the app. Sign in to your app and look for new updates. Finally, you can take help from the support team.

Can I pay Uber with cash?

Yes, you can quickly pay Uber fares with cash. Make sure to choose “Cash” under the payment method before ordering a ride. Once your ride is over, you can directly hand cash to the driver.

Why isn’t Uber working on my phone?

This can be due to some reasons. For instance, your phone might have an overloaded cache, the app needs an update, or your phone is low on space. Try clearing the cache and space, updating your app, or reinstalling your app.

Fix issues with Uber Payment Method 

Uber won’t work until you add a payment method to it. This is why it is of vital importance. You can add “Cash” or “Credit Card” as a payment method. However, if you fail to add any payment method, seek help from our guide and try fixing the issue yourself.

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