How To Add Someone To A Group Text iPhone?

Are you the go-to member of the group chat? Indeed, you’re always there to answer the questions and ensure everyone is in the loop. You love keeping in touch with your friends and are tightly connected to them. Then this article on how to add someone to a group text iPhone is for you.

How to Add a Person to a Group Text ?

It can be a daunting task when you want to add someone to your group chat. You might not know how or you don’t want to hurt their feelings if they’re not included.

How do I add someone to a group text? That’s a common question, and it’s easy for new people just coming into an established group chat. It can be tough to navigate sometimes. 

Don’t worry! This article will elaborate on the simple method of adding someone to a group text on an iPhone.

So let’s dive deeper into the article to find the possible answers you to your questions.

What Is iMessage App?

iMessage app on iPhone allows users to make a group and chat between all of them simultaneously with some unique features. You can only send videos and photos in group chat if you have MMS services on your iPhone cellular data.

You can add some animations, effects, and many more things like GIFs. When you send a text message in the group, all the group participants receive that message simultaneously.

Issues Faced with iMessage App

The group creates with probably three or more three members. Due to technical issues, iOS users cannot find the group messaging feature on their phones. Some don’t know how to add a participant to the group they have created. 

The problem with texting someone not in the conversation is that there’s no set protocol for adding them in. 

There’s also the problem of getting everyone on board with adding someone new – some might not want that person to be involved, while others may want them to be able to see the messages but not reply in the chat.

That is why you will learn the basic and quick steps guide below in which you will be able to add group members to text messages.

Learn Steps To Add Someone On iPhone Group Text

You need to follow the steps below to add someone on the iPhone group text:

  1. Open The Messages
How To Add Someone To A Group Text iPhone

Unlock your iPhone and locate the messaging app, which normally is placed on the quick bar at the bottom of the screen. 

You may find the messaging app in the main menu if you don’t have the messaging app. Open the messaging app by tapping on it.

  1. Open A Group Chat
How To Add Someone To A Group Text iPhone

In the messages app, you will see all of your conversations and group texting. Now open the group chats you created or added by someone else. 

  1. Tap On Add Contact
Tap On Add Contact

In a group chat, go to options, and you will see an “add contact” option. Tap on the add contact option below the group members.

  1. Fill Up The Contact Info
Fill Up The Contact Info

Now you need to enter the first and last name of the person you want to add to that group. You can add that person to any name; it could also be a nickname, but that all depends on you.

  1. Enter The Phone Number Details
Enter The Phone Number Details

Now you will scroll down the screen where a phone number box is empty. You need to put the phone number details of that person in that box. 

The rest of the options are optional and depends on whether you add them or not. Just phone numbers and names are compulsory.

  1. New Member Is Added In Group Text
New Member Is Added In Group Text

Now you will see in the group chat that a new member will be added. You can check the details by tapping on the info icon below the member’s details.

  1. In Case Of No Add Option Showing Open General Settings
In Case Of No Add Option Showing Open General Settings

Sometimes an outdated iOS version or some wrong settings issues cause no option to show a member to add to the group or create the group on iMessage. 

In that case, you need to go to the iPhone settings, where you need to locate the general settings option. Tap on the general settings option.

  1. Tap On Reset
Tap On Reset

In general settings, you will see a reset button option at the bottom by scrolling down. Tap on the reset button.

  1. Reset All Settings And Options Will Be Available
Reset All Settings And Options Will Be Available

You will see the first option as reset all in the reset button. Please tap on reset all and confirm the settings to reset by tapping on it. Afterward, go to the iMessage app on your iPhone and see the group text message option.

FAQs on iMessage

Is There Any Possibility To Add Someone To An Existing Text Group On iPhone?

The apple feature on the iMessage app allows you to add anyone from your contact list or a random number in an existing group text. 
You only need to ensure that all the members in that group text must be using an iOS device. Otherwise, they won’t be able to join the group text.

Why Can’t I Add Someone To A Text Group On iPhone?

You cannot add someone to a text group for some reasons, including the fault of the setting or the person having no iOS device. To solve this problem, you need to reset your settings in iPhone’s main general settings menu.

Can You Add Someone To The iMessage Group?

Yes, you can add someone to the iMessage group by following these simple steps given below:

1. Unlock your iPhone
2. Open the iMessage app 
3. Open a group chat in conversations
4. If there is no group, then create a group
5. Add the person’s details and his phone number

How Can You Add Names On iMessage Group Text?

You can add names by following the steps given below:

1. Open the iMessage app
2. Tap on the info button mentioned below the group members’ picture
3. Select the change name option
4. Now change the name whatever you want and save

How DO I Remove Someone From Group Text On iPhone?

You can remove someone from a group text on your iPhone by simply going into the info section and tapping on remove in front of that group member.

It’s Difficult to Manage Group Chats

Figuring out how to manage group texts can be a chore. This article above is for you if you’ve ever been in a group chat and wanted to add somebody else but didn’t know how.

If you find this article useful, don’t limit yourself to gaining knowledge. Share it with your loved ones who are also facing the same issue of adding someone to a group text message on your iPhone. You may also like our other article on How to See Blocked Messages On An iPhone?

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