How To Add Stickers To WhatsApp iPhone?

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform with billions of users connecting with friends and families. The platform lets us text, chat, call, and send videos, voice messages, GIFs, and emojis to different people and groups. A few years ago, WhatsApp introduced animated stickers to make our conversations more exciting. If you want to add WhatsApp stickers on your iPhone, this article is for you.

Steps to Add WhatsApp Stickers on iPhone

The availability of animated stickers on WhatsApp has made messaging on the platform fun and exciting. You can use GIFs and animated stickers in your conversation on WhatsApp with your friends, families, and group chats. With the new and fun features, the platform has been a favorite among many. With the stickers on the platform, many of us, mainly iPhone users, wonder how to add stickers on WhatsApp. Here is how you can add WhatsApp stickers on your iPhone.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to any individual or group chat.
  2. Tap on the Emoji button in the text box. 
  3. Tap on the Sticker icon beside the GIF icon at the bottom.
  4. You can choose a sticker from the default pack or click on the + button to add more stickers.
  5. On the All stickers pack, go through different stickers and download the ones you like. A checkmark will appear beside the sticker once you have downloaded them.
  6. You can now use the stickers on chats after you have downloaded the stickers.
  7. You can also tap Recents to see the recently used stickers and favorite the WhatsApp stickers. 

FAQs On WhatsApp Stickers

Can you create your sticker pack on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can create and use your sticker pack on WhatsApp. You can easily create sticker packs from your iPhone or Android phone. With the help of the app, you can create stickers using just some images. The app also features a smart background remover tool that helps you use the perfect images for your stickers.

Can I use WhatsApp stickers on Messengers?

Most of the stickers available on WhatsApp are already available on Facebook Messenger. But if you can copy the WhatsApp sticker to Facebook, you can do it by transferring your sticker folder to the Facebook folder on your phone. Just open WhatsApp in File manager and find the Sticker folder, then copy and paste it to the Facebook folder on your storage.

Are Stickers on WhatsApp free?

Yes, Stickers are entirely free to download and use on WhatsApp. WhatsApp also lets users create their sticker and use it on the platform. Some apps might have both Free and Paid Stickers on their platform, but WhatsApp has made stickers entirely free for users to use in their Conversations.

How to get GIFs on WhatsApp?

You can easily find GIFs on WhatsApp, and unlike Stickers, you don’t even have to download GIFs. You can search for different GIFs on WhatsApp and send them to different conversations. To find GIFs on WhatsApp:
Open WhatsApp and go to any individual or group chat.
Tap on the Emoji button in the text box.
Then, tap on the GIF icon at the bottom.
You can choose any available GIF from the available ones; you can even search for other GIFs and tap on them to send them.

Can GIF be set as a WhatsApp DP?

When setting your WhatsApp Profile, you can add any picture as DP. But ensure it lets the users set images in PNG, JPG, JPEG, or JPEG format. The “.gif” format is also not accepted by WhatsApp. Convert the “gif” file into a .png file and upload it as your WhatsApp DP. 

Can I hide my number on Whatsapp?

Since WhatsApp requires a valid phone number to allow you to log in and use the services, there is no official way of hiding your number on Whatsapp. But don’t worry. There are still loopholes through which you can hide your number. If you get a new number and want to hide your new number from Whatsapp, here is what you should do. Uninstall WhatsApp. Remove the old number and put it on some other phone. Now insert the new SIM and reinstall WhatsApp. While logging in, enter the old number and the OTP from your old number. It will hide your new number, but your old number will still be visible.

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