How To Add Wedding Song To Instagram Story?

Weddings are one of the most celebrated events where all the family members come together and become a part of celebrating new beginnings for the bride and groom. Weddings remind us of the delicious food, colourful pictures and beautiful moments spent with family and friends. In this guide, I’ll show you How To Add a Wedding Song To Your Instagram Story?

One of the most popular trend is to click pictures in pretty outfits or shoot small clippings for the wedding and post them on Instagram. While uploading stories, Instagram provides us with a lot of options to make the story more expressive and interesting. One of the ways to make your story more appealing is to add background music to your videos and pictures. Let’s see how we can do that.

Easy Steps To Add Wedding Song To Instagram Story

Follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the round icon left of your Instagram page that says ‘Your story.’
How To Add Wedding Song To Instagram Story
  1. Swipe up to see the video and pictures in your gallery. Select the media item you want to upload.
Select the media item you want to upload
  1. Some options will appear on the top right of the page. Tap on the option that looks like a sticker.
How To Add Wedding Song To Instagram Story
  1. A dropdown will appear. Tap on the music option.
A drop-down will appear tap on the music option
  1. Instagram will provide you with some song suggestions to choose from, or you can type the name of the wedding song you want to choose and select it.
How To Add Wedding Song To Instagram Story
  1. You can adjust which part of the song you want to play as background and select which preview icon of the song must appear in the story.
  1. Tap on the done option and post the story.

FAQs On Adding Song to Instagram Story

How can I choose the option to show the song’s lyrics on my Instagram story?

While you are in the process of choosing the duration of the song that you want for your Instagram story, you might come across certain small icons above the duration bar. These icons help you to choose from which preview you want your music icon to be shown on the story. One of the options is lyrics. You can choose that if you want the lyrics to be shown. One thing to keep in mind is that lyrics are not always available for all songs.

How can I change the duration of the song to be played?

Several options appear on the screen when you choose a specific song to be added to your Instagram story. On the bottom left, you will see a small circle with the number 15 on it. If you tap on it, it will give you a dropdown with different durations that you can choose from, and then you can tap on the desired time duration. 

Why am I not able to share full reels on my Instagram story?

You may already be aware that Instagram only allows users to upload stories for 15 seconds. Instagram reels are nevertheless limited to a maximum of 60 seconds and a video size of 650MB or less.

Why are some songs not available on the Instagram story option?

Instagram does miss some songs because they might not have the required rights for them, but most of the popular ones will exist on the app. Some ways to prevent this are to keep updating your Instagram app from time to time, try to log in again or refresh your page.

Can I add music to my Instagram posts? If yes, then how?

Yes, you will be able to add music to your posts. You can follow the recommended steps to achieve that.

– As usual, continue to upload a photo to the feed. Choose the image you want to publish.
– You’ll see an “Add Music” option below the location-adding option.
– By tapping it, you will be led to a search where you may browse or search for any certain song by trending music or songs recommended for you.
– Choose a song, then choose the clip length.
– The song’s playing order can also be changed.
– After finishing all these steps, hit “Done” to share your content.

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