How To Archive Chats On Instagram?

It is common knowledge that Instagram is one great social network that provides numerous opportunities to connect with our loved ones, meet new people, and generally discover new stuff around us. One of Instagram’s best features is Direct messaging, which lets you send and receive messages from other users directly. But, you might have noticed that Instagram does not have a feature to archive chats.

However, we’ve figured out several methods to archive chats on Instagram without using a third-party tool. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on archiving chats on Instagram.

Methods To Archive Chats On Instagram

While there’s no feature to hide chats on Instagram, you can still archive your chats on Instagram by using the following methods

  • Switching to a professional account
  • Switching on the Vanish mode

Switching To A Professional Account

  • Open  your Instagram profile and tap on the three-lined icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
Open your Instagram profile
  • Tap Settings, then type “Switch account type” in the search bar and select “Switch To Professional Account.
in the search bar and select
Tap Settings
  • Tap “Continue” till the “What Bestest Describes You” page appears
How To Archive Chats On Instagram
  • Select an option. A page will appear; Select the “Creator” option.
Select an option
  • Navigate to the Messages page and see all your chats in the primary section. Hold the chat you wish to archive and tap “Move To General.”
How To Archive Chats On Instagram

Next, go back to the settings page. On the search bar, type “Switch account type and select “Switch to a personal account.” Your account will be switched back to a Personal account.

How To Archive Chats On Instagram

Go to the chat page, and you will see that your chats are now archived. You can switch back to a professional account to view the chats again.

Switching on Vanish Mode

Another solution to “How To Archive Chats On Instagram?” is to turn on the Vanish mode. This is ideal if you don’t want to switch to a professional account. Simply follow the steps below to switch to vanish mode.

  • Step 1: Open your Instagram profile and navigate to the message section
  • Step 2: Open the Chat you want to archive and swipe up
  • Step 3: The option “Get Vanish Mode” will appear under the messages, tap on it, and the chat will be archived. If you want to view the messages again, simply swipe up again.
will appear under the messages

FAQs on Instagram chats archive

Certainly, your query “How to Archive Chats On Instagram?” has been answered. If you have further questions, quickly checkout a few frequently asked questions by other users below.

Can you archive photos and videos on Instagram?

You can archive photos on Instagram. But, archiving videos is not possible.

Is there a way to Unsend Instagram direct messages?

Yes. To unsend a message on Instagram, tap and hold the message till you see the “Copy” and “Unsend” options. Tap on the “Unsend” option to unsend a message.

How do I direct message a post on Instagram?

Tap the paper-airplane icon under a post that you want to share privately. A list of your contacts will appear. Select “Send” next to the user to whom you want to forward the message and tap “Done.”

How Can I Download Chats on Instagram?

To download your chats on Instagram:

1. Open your Instagram profile and tap on the horizontal lines at the top-right corner of the screen.
2. Tap “Settings” then “Security.”
3. Tap “Download Data” and hit the “Request download” option.

Archiving Instagram Chats

How to archive chats on Instagram? You no longer have to ask this question because we have shown you several methods to archive chats on Instagram without downloading a third-party app or calling a tech guy. Using the methods explained in this article, you’ll know how to archive chats on Instagram without any hassle.

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