How To Ask A Girl For Her Instagram?

Do you have a secret, tiny, and cute crush on a girl from your high school, and do you want to see her after school? All you have in mind is to ask about her Instagram, but you are confused about How To Ask a Girl For Her Instagram? You surely will need some confidence to ask this, and this article will give you that confidence. 

Let’s begin with it. 

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How To Ask a Girl For Her Instagram?

There could be various reasons to approach a girl and ask for her Instagram. You met a girl at a social gathering for the first time, and you want to stay in touch with her? You may have met her, and now you want to know her better. That is why you are asking for her Instagram profile. 

On the other hand, you have never met her, but you know her on different occasions, that is why you want to ask for her Instagram, but you get hesitant. Asking for a girl’s Instagram could be difficult and scary if you are not well prepared. You may have these questions in mind:

  • What if she does not like that? Why do I ask her for her Instagram?
  • What if she is a private person and does not want to share?
  • What if she is not attracted to you in the first place? 

These could be the potential responses of the girl, but if you figure out the right way to ask for her Instagram, it could be effortless for you. Following are some ways and suggestions that you can follow to approach the girl.

Method 1: Know her Interests

If you first met this girl, then it can get awkward to ask her Instagram right away. But there is another trick that can be chosen. Talk to that girl and figure out her Interests. For example, if she likes to paint, open your Instagram account and show her some unique paintings by different artists. 

You can also say, “I will DM you these paintings on Instagram; what’s your Instagram?” Any girl interested in painting or aesthetics must have posted some of her work on her I profile. You can ask her to show you some portraits of her, and she will surely open her Instagram account in front of you.

 The interest could be in anything, be it painting, singing, traveling, reading, etc. You can apply this strategy accordingly. 

Method 2: Show Her Memes

The girls get impressed immediately by the guys who know how to make a girl laugh. If you have met her for the first time, it is your most significant chance to increase her interest in you by making her laugh. 

Once she is comfortable with your company and starts to enjoy it, you can ask about her Instagram too. On the other hand, open your Instagram profile and show a meme to her. This could lead you both to exchange your Instagram profiles with each other. 

Method 3: Try to Know Her Better

If the first meeting with the girl is not as good as you expected in your head, then avoid asking about her Instagram profile. This could mess things up for you, and you can lose her forever. Try to know her better. Do something that drives her attention towards you. Be presentable and be kind to everyone, especially when you are around her. 

Ask her about her day and how she is doing daily with a sweet smile. Wave at her if you see her from afar. Do it for at least 2 weeks, and then there will be enough room for you on her Instagram. When you know that you both have to build a friendly relationship, you can ask for her Instagram. 

Method 4: Be Confident

Be confident while talking to her, and ask her for her Instagram profile. Girls get impressed by the guys who are confident and firm in talking. Ask her about her Instagram profile on her face confidently. It will make you look attractive, smarter, and innovative at the same time, even if you do not feel that way. 

These are a few ways that you can apply if you want to slide into the DM of any girl. Remember to ask a girl about her Instagram first; otherwise, she may ignore your DM. All the best for your move. 


How can you ask a girl for Instagram?

These are some best ways to ask a girl for her Instagram. Ask her friends about her Instagram if you are too shy to ask about a girl’s face. Use creative emoticons while talking to her. Help her in solving her problems. Have a good understanding of her in many terms. 

How do I ask a girl for her number on Instagram?

Follow the girl whose number you want to get. Like her pictures and ask her if you both can talk. Comment on her photos, reply to her stories or send good reactions to her stories. Get to know her and then give her your number. Have good, deep, and meaningful conversations. Listen to her problems. 

How do you DM a girl on Instagram that you do not know?

Be confident and approach her directly. Be exciting and unique. Do not sound too touchy or too desperate. Share funny reels or memes. Admire her personality. Tell her about your goals and fears; it will make her feel you have confidence in her. Ask for her opinions. 

What is my Instagram handle?

Your username or account name on Instagram is called your Instagram handle. Your username or Instagram handle is unique, and no account on Instagram could use the same handle. 

At what time should I DM a girl on Instagram?

The appropriate time to DM any girl on Instagram is between 9:00 in the morning till 9:00 in the evening. If you want her immediate attention, DM her right when she has posted something on Instagram or uploaded a story.

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