How To Ask A Girl For Her Snapchat On Instagram?

Talking to a girl and asking for her Snapchat is not a big deal, So don’t make it something very hard to achieve. There isn’t any specific way to ask for her Snapchat on Instagram, but still, here we are going to add a few tips that will help you in asking her Snapchat.

Before asking someone about his or her Snapchat, you must be clear about why you need it. And why should a girl share her Snapchat with you?

First Way to let her decide whether she wants to add you or not?

First, outreach to a girl and do some general talk. If she replies to you regularly, then ask her to exchange snaps and messages on Snapchat and make sure to share your number with her and ask her to add you. If she was comfortable adding you to her Snapchat so she will. Otherwise, she will refuse to add you. Don’t send your Snapchat profile in the first message.

Secondly, work on your personal profile.

Try to optimize your account and post amazing pictures which are attractive and engaging with respect to girls. Once you get a few girl followers, then you can post stories on your Instagram profile with Snapchat stickers where girls will automatically add you on Snapchat because of the personality you have shown them through your posts.

Asking a girl For Her Snapchat On Instagram is not easy. You must avoid these:

  • Don’t ask for her Snapchat in the first message.
  • Don’t send spam messages to get attention.
  • Give her a valid reason to add you to her Snapchat.
  • Make her sure that you will not save her streaks after viewing.
  • Don’t force her to share her Snapchat with you. Instead, raise some valid reasons for sharing. Tell her that you are most likely active on Snapchat, so why don’t we both take our conversation to Snapchat?

Instead, follow these tips:

  • Make sure to follow her and engage with her under her posts and have a random conversation before asking for her Snapchat.
  • Check out your mutual friends and engage with them too.
  • First, try to be frank as much as you can. Afterward, ask for her personal information or Snapchat.
  • Don’t make it something very curious because she will then be afraid to share her Snapchat with you.

What should I DM A girl on Instagram?

First, look at her posts and see those comments to which she replied. Now leave the same message that she replied to in the comments. Because if she replied there definitely she will reply you too. Once she replies to you, don’t get panicked and directly ask for her Snapchat in the first message. Just have a random talk for a week or month, like good morning or what is your daily routine or ask about her habits. Once you feel now she is comfortable with you in your inbox, then you can share your Snapchat or ask for her ID.

how should I ask a girl for Snapchat On Instagram while chatting?

Generally, this depends on the nature of relationships that you want to build or the girl’s mood. If she is a finance manager, then you can ask for Snapchat to just ask about her business. But if you got a girl profile that you think is just a normal Instagram user and want to make relation with her, ask her these questions.

These are just questions for an idea, Make sure to personalize these before sending them to anyone.

Q1. Hey, you are posting pictures of cats, so which special breed do you like?

Q2. What do you do other than social media?

Q3. What was the best moment of your life, Would you like to share?

Q4. Do you like reading books or just love swiping over social media😁?

Q5. What are your hobbies as a teenager?

Q6. In which standard are you studying?

Before asking these questions, make sure to engage with her in her posts and stories, If she directly receives your message, then she will definitely ignore your message as a stranger message.


Asking a girl for her Snapchat is very easy if you don’t make it difficult for yourself. The only pro tip here we are going to mention is not to ask for her Snapchat directly. First, engage with her and show yourself in her profile as much as possible. Then send her a casual message in which you just have to greet her or just leave a compliment. After having a regular conversation with her for more than 1 week, now ask her for her Snapchat.

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