How To Automatically Forward Text Messages On The iPhone?

Text messaging is the act of typing and sending messages electronically between users of mobile devices or any other type of text messaging-compatible device. Get information on How To Automatically Forward Text Messages On The iPhone in this article.

Keeping in touch with friends and family by sending text messages to them has been communication without effort. Even if their mobile device is switched off, they will get your message when they switch on their mobile device. This feature is an advantage text messaging has over voice calls, where the recipient must switch on their phone to receive your call.

The iPhone has a top-notch messaging feature that its users can use for convenient communication.

Sometimes you step out with another iPhone or an iOS device that’s not the usual one you use for receiving text messages. It might be vital perturb to you when it comes to missing out on text messages sent to your iPhone at home or the ones you don’t have immediate access to.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve thought of how to automatically forward a text message on an iPhone. We’ll teach you in this article the undemanding way to do so in a few.

Easy Guide To Automatically Forward Text Messages On iPhone

Forwarding text messages automatically on the iPhone requires several action steps compared to the Android device, which has this feature enabled by default. We’ll cover two methods in this article that would greatly help you.

Method 1 : Using Third-party Apps to Automatically Forward Text Messages On The iPhone

SMS Forwarder App

Though this app is unavailable on the app store, it can be handy for those who have jailbroken their iPhones. If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, all you need to do is download the SMS forwarder application and register your iPhone. This third-party app doesn’t just allow you to forward your text messages automatically; it also allows you to choose the time and day you want to forward the text message to your preferred contacts and mail.

MightyText App

This app is one of the top-ranked text messaging applications you can easily install on your iPhone. iPhone users who want to forward text messages on their iPhones automatically should download this third-party app—you can forward and reply to text messages from your computer when synchronized with your phone.

This app also synchronizes your iPhone gallery to your computer and creates a backup for text messages and calls. You should download this app from the app store immediately. It’s a win-win method!

Method 2 : Using The In-built Forwarding Feature To Automatically Forward Text Messages On The iPhone

With the text message forwarding feature, you can instantly receive and send text messages to several devices. You can also receive the text messages you receive on your iPhone also on your Mac, iPod touch, iPad, or another iOS device.

SMS and MMS messages appear as a green bubble, while iMessage appears as a blue bubble on your iPhone. When you set up this feature on your iPhone, messages are automatically forwarded to linked iOS devices that meet the continuity communication standards.

How To Set Up iMessage Feature

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

How To Automatically Forward Text Messages On The iPhone

Tap on Messages

How To Automatically Forward Text Messages On The iPhone

Tap Text Message Forwarding

Text Message Forwarding

Select the devices you want to send and receive messages from.

Select the devices you want to send and receive messages from

Enter the verification code that appears on each of the other devices.

New text messages can be sent and received across the devices you added whenever your iPhone is switched on and connected to a cellular network.

Suppose you have issues finding this setting on your iPhone. In that case, all you need to do is go to Settings, tap Messages, turn off iMessage, turn it back on, tap Send And Receive, tap on Use Apple Id For iMessage, and then sign in with the same Apple ID used on all the device you want to add.

How To Forward Old Messages On The iPhone

When you enable this feature, previous messages will not be automatically forwarded across your other iPhones. To forward your old message, follow these steps:

Long press the message you want to forward

Tap More

more button

Tap Forward

Select the recipient you want to forward the message to.

Tap Send

You can add more than one message and several recipients from the select recipient option to forward the message to.

FAQs on iMessage

Does IMessage Work Globally?

Yes, iMessage works in every part of the globe as long as a cellular data connection is available. If you’re traveling outside of your country, iMessage is the best option to keep in touch if you want to avoid the cost of roaming charges. You can connect via WiFi in places that offer free WiFi, so there’s no need to purchase an international data plan.

Can IMessage Work On Android?

iMessage is only supported on iOS-enabled devices. No, iMessage will not work on an Android device. If you send a message using iMessage to an Android user, the message will be received as an SMS. All the cool effects and features of iMessage in your message will not arrive.

Can I Receive Messages On IMessage When My iPhone Is Switched To Airplane Mode?

Receiving messages in iMessage requires a cellular data connection. You can receive messages on iMessage when your iPhone is switched to Airplane Mode if you connect to inflight WiFi or any available WiFi.

What’s The Difference Between IMessage And Regular Messaging Apps?

There are a handful of differences between iMessage and the traditional SMS app. One of the striking differences is that you can see when your recipient is typing in real-time. Another difference is that iMessage has end-to-end encryption, while the traditional SMS app does not have this feature. If you’re texting using iMessage, you don’t have a character limit. At the same time, SMS messages have a 160-character limit.

How Do I Enable IMessage On My iPhone?

To enable iMessage on your iPhone, launch the Settings app, tap on the messages option, and then toggle on iMessage. You may want to synchronize iMessage across your iOS devices. To sync your messages, go to settings, tap your name, tap on iCloud, and toggle on Messages.
We’re certain that after you’ve gone through this guide, you have learned how to forward text messages on your iPhone automatically. Don’t forget to share your experience with us using these methods in the comment section.

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