How To Buy Songs on iTunes on iPhone?

Getting a new iPhone can be exciting. But, you’ll need to start downloading music with time. iTunes is an excellent way to buy music. You can buy songs for your iPhone with Apple Music. This article will guide you on How To Buy Songs on iTunes on iPhone without hassle.

But have you ever wondered how to buy songs on iTunes on your iPhone? This guide discusses how to buy iTunes songs on your iPhone.

Step-by-Step Guide To Buying Songs on iTunes on iPhone Device

The iTunes Store is a great way to discover new music or find one of your favorites. You can buy individual recordings or entire albums in just a few clicks. You can also store the songs in the digital cloud for playback at home or anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection.

Yet, some iPhone users barely know how to buy songs on iTunes. If you are among these categories, worry less, as we will explain it as if you’ve never used a smartphone before. The following are ways to buy songs on iTunes on your iPhone:

Step #1: Sign in or Create an Apple ID

Since it’s your first time using the device, you might need to sign in with your Apple ID. Also, if you don’t have an Apple ID, you may have to create an account. You can register an Apple ID on the official Apple website.

Sign in with your Apple ID

Ensure you provide the correct information, email address, and security questions to create the ID. When creating your ID, you will also need to specify a payment method. The payment information you input will be the account to debit when you make purchases. In contrast, redeeming a gift card for payment is also possible.

Step #2: Open the iTunes Store App

The first step to take when you want to buy songs on iTunes on your iPhone is to lunch the iTunes store app. In case you don’t know what the app looks like, it has a white star icon imposed on a pink background. Locate the icon in your app library and tap on it to lunch it.

You want to buy songs on iTunes on your iPhone

Step #3: Search for the Song

Once you open the iTunes store and you are in, the next thing to do is find the song you want to buy. At this point, you can choose to browse the featured content, that is, the latest releases. You can also consult the iTunes rankings (the most downloaded content by users) by selecting the right tabs at the top of the screen. 

If you want to carry out a targeted search, press the Search button at the bottom. It is possible to search for albums, songs, or other items with the search process. We recommend you use the search bar if you know the song title or artist name.

press the Search button at the bottom

Step #4: Buy the Song

You can now buy the song of your choice if you have found your choice. In order to do this, you tap on the price tag in front of the song, which is usually $1.29 or $0.99. Once you tap on the price, you’ll see a pop-up asking you to sign in with your Apple ID if you’re not signed in.

How To Buy Songs on iTunes on iPhone
How To Buy Songs on iTunes on iPhone

In case you are signed in already, you will see your Apple ID information which signifies payment will be deducted from the account. Click on purchase, and you’ll see a rolling circle with a square box inside that will replace the price tag. This signifies the song is downloading and will be available after the process. After successfully downloading the song, you have completed the buying steps.

Suppose you want to view a list of all the songs you have purchased on the iTunes Store. In that case, press the More button in the screen’s lower right corner and select the item Purchased on the screen that opens.

FAQs On Buying Songs on iTunes on iPhone

How Do I Access the iTunes Store?

If your iPhone is new and you want to access the iTunes store, you may need to download the app on Apple Store. But, if it is installed, you can access it by signing in with your Apple ID info.

How Can I Search on iTunes Store?

Searching on the iTunes store is easy. You just have to click on the search icon at the bottom. When you use this search button, you will get a combination of songs with the keywords you typed. Otherwise, scroll through the chats to find the song you intend to download.

How Do I Buy and Download Music?

You can buy and download music on the iTunes store on your iPhone by clicking on the price tag at the front of the song. Once you search for the song you intend to buy, you will see its price directly on its front. 

How Can I Play the Songs I Bought on the iTunes Store?

You do not need to launch the iTunes Store app to listen to your purchased tracks. You can achieve this with your iPhone’s Music app. You will find all the music you have synced to your phone from your computer and all the tracks you have purchased from the iTunes Store on the Music App.

Can I Still Buy Music on the iTunes Store in 2022?

Yes, you can still buy songs on the iTunes store in 2022 if you have the money or a gift card you can redeem.


If you bought a song from the iTunes Store on a device other than your iPhone (for example, a PC or an iPad), it would be listed in the Music app’s library. You may download it free on the phone’s memory by clicking the cloud symbol next to its title. This implies that you do not have to rebuy the song on your other device since you use the same Apple ID for all.

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