How To Cancel an App Purchase on iPhone?

With the increasing number of mobile phone users, more people are buying apps on iPhones. Yet, it’s not every time you will be happy with the app you purchased in your case. Read on to learn How To Cancel an App Purchase on iPhone.

Hence, you may want to cancel the purchase. This guide gives you a detailed process for canceling an app purchase on iPhone.

Step-by-step Instructional guide on how to cancel an app purchase on iPhone

Several reasons can trigger you to cancel an app purchase on your iPhone. It can be due to regret or the fact that you accidentally purchased an app that is useless to you. Fortunately, Apple gives you the liberty to cancel apps you don’t want any longer. This liberty applies to all buys from iTunes Stores, Apple books, and other Apple services.

Some users don’t know about this action. Likewise, others worry about how tedious it is to cancel your app purchase. But do not panic when you mistakenly buy an app because we will teach you how to cancel it. With new updates from Apple, unique and easy ways are now incorporated to help you cancel the buy faster.

Carefully follow the discussed methods to get your app purchase canceled.

Method #1: Canceling the Purchase via App Store

In order to help you understand the ways to go about it, we will discuss two methods. The first one is going through the App store to cancel the purchase of the app. This first method is super easy and fast and can be performed by anyone as long as you have bought the app. This process helps reduce the ordeal and completes the request with a few clicks.

Here’s how to cancel your app purchase via the App Store:

  1. On your iPhone, access the menu interface and locate the App Store icon. Tap on the App store and let it open.
Tap on the App store and let it open
  1. Check the upper right corner for your profile avatar and tap on it.
Check the upper right corner for your profile avatar and tap on it
  1. You’ll see purchased; tap on the option from the list of options. Wait for a few minutes so that the subscriptions can load.
How To Cancel an App Purchase on iPhone
  1. After loading, you’ll see all your subscriptions (both active and expired). Scroll down to find the app you want to cancel its purchase, then click on it.
How To Cancel an App Purchase on iPhone
  1. On the interface that loads up, click on cancel subscription.

Following the steps listed above will help you cancel the app purchase, and you’ll no longer pay for the app.

Method #2: Canceling the App purchase via Setting

Another super and easy way Apple update added to help you cancel your app purchase is via Setting. This method is similar to the previous one we discussed. The only difference is that you access the cancel subscription via setting instead of the App store. Check the process below to complete the operation.

Here’s how to cancel an app purchase via settings:

  1. On your iPhone menu, locate and click on the settings icon.
How To Cancel an App Purchase on iPhone
  1. In the Settings app, you’ll see your name at the top. Tap the option with [your name] to access your Apple ID options.
Tap the option with [your name] to access your Apple ID options
  1. Locate and tap on the Media and Purchases options.
Locate and tap on the Media and Purchases options
  1. You’ll see your Apple ID; tap on it.
  2. A pop-up will show a list of options. Select the option to view Apple ID; you may be asked to confirm your authentication with a face ID or password.
Select the option to view Apple ID
  1. Scroll down and Tap on “Subscriptions.” On this screen, you can view all your active subscriptions and their renewal dates, so tap on the app purchase you want to cancel.
How To Cancel an App Purchase on iPhone
  1. Finally, click on the “Cancel Subscription” to cancel an app purchase or subscription.

After completing these steps, you can be sure that your app purchase is now canceled. Suppose the buy is a mistake, and you wish to request a refund. You can do that by visiting on your browser. Sign in with your Apple ID and click “I would like to request a refund” then, you’ll choose your reasons under “tell us more.”

FAQs On How To Cancel an App Purchase on iPhone

Does Apple refund an accidental purchase?

Yes, Apple lets you get a refund for an app purchase. You can get your refund after why you cancel the purchase at You should note that the refund depends on the payment method to appear on the account or card statement. 

Can I know the status of my canceled app refund?

Yes, you can track your refund request when you log on to with your Apple ID. Go to “Check the status of requests.” If this option is not displayed, there are no pending requests yet. If it is showing up, go to “Pending.”

How do I stop unwanted subscriptions?

You can stop unwanted subscriptions on your iPhone with either of the methods we explained in the article. However, the best way to do it is via App Store. Go to purchases, locate the app, and tap on it. Finally, click on cancel subscriptions.

Why can’t I cancel subscriptions on my iPhone?

Many reasons can contribute to your inability to cancel a subscription on your iPhone. The first is when the payment is still outstanding and hasn’t been confirmed. You will have to wait to cancel the subscription in such a scenario. Other reasons can vary, but all revolve around your payment system.

How do I stop my iPhone from charging my card for apps?

It’s easy since iPhone only charges you when you have an active subscription to an app. To find out which app it is, go to settings, tap on your name, then click on subscription. A page of apps with active subscriptions will come up, and you can cancel its subscription.


You can cancel an app purchase anytime, but requesting a refund is not like that. Some cases arise where you cannot directly request a refund, including when you’ve yet to make payment. Also, you can track the request for a refund command if you don’t get a follow-up email from Apple in 48hours after completing the steps.

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