How to Cancel an Order on Zomato?

Zomato is a well-known food delivery service with friendly staff. There are many options for local eateries, and you can choose from them with ease. But there can be times when you have to cancel your order on Zomato for a particular reason.

This article includes the process for canceling Zomato orders. You may also learn how to cancel Fashion nova orders easily within a few minutes.

Cancel an Order on Zomato

Order cancellation on Zomato is a little more challenging than it appears for a valid reason. For instance, as soon as the restaurant accepts your order, the restaurant begins cooking your meal. Since time is limited when ordering meals, if you cancel an order, the next order in line will be unfairly delayed.

Once you’ve ordered on Zomato, the only method to change your mind is to contact their customer service team. Below are the steps to cancel your Zomato order.

Steps for Cancelling Order on Zomato

  1. Launch the Zomato app. You may also access the website instead of the app. Ensure you access the panel where you ordered initially.
  2. To access it, tap the “your profile” icon in the app’s upper right corner.
  3. Select “Your Orders” by selecting it under the “Food Orders” heading. It will be available once you choose your profile and the menu appears.
  4. Choose the restaurant from which you placed your order. When you click on the restaurant’s name, the order summary will appear on the screen.
  5. Select the “Support” option. You may find the “Support” icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  6. Enter “I want to cancel my order” in the customer care box. You can instantly mention your question or the issue you’re having in the chat.
  7. Submit a reason why you want to cancel the order. If the customer service agent believes that your reason is acceptable, they will cancel your order.

Getting a Refund on Zomato

If you have placed a prepaid order on Zomato, but the restaurant cancels it due to a menu item’s absence, or if you cancel an order for a legitimate reason, you will get a refund. In that event, you will obtain a full refund of your order. The refund will be processed using the same payment method as your original purchase.

However, if your order is canceled for any personal reason or due to an invalid cellphone number, address, or unavailability, it may have been placed. In such a case, you won’t get a complete refund or any sort of reimbursement.


How can I cancel my order from Zomato in 2022?

For instant customer support, click the menu. The customer service agent will then start a discussion with you. Type “Cancel My Order” only once. The customer support agent will ask you why you want to cancel the order. If they believe the explanation to be valid, they will cancel your order and issue you a refund for any money you have already paid.

What is Zomato’s refund policy?

Cash is instantly transferred to your account within a week if you qualify for a refund. Usually, 1-2 days pass. It happens almost instantly for e-wallets.

Does Zomato issue a refund?

Yes, that’s correct. If you are eligible for a refund, Zomato will return your money according to certain limits and circumstances.

How can I talk to customer support at Zomato?

Visit the Profile section, where you’ll find a chat function. Click on it right away to start a conversation with a customer chat support agent.

How can I place a Zomato order?

To place a Zomato order, follow these instructions:
– Look up the restaurant where you wish to eat.
– Go over to “Order Delivery” on the right-hand side of the page once it has appeared for the restaurant.
– You will then receive the complete menu along with the associated costs for each dish.
– After selecting, you may continue with the payment.

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